Dear Neighbor,

A group of us in the neighborhood have been discussing the idea of forming a neighborhood watch and/or homeowners association (HOA) for the area of Keith Drive, Diana Drive, Phyllis Drive, Dana Drive, and ... We live in a very special area, near town, yet directly at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. Why not take care of it together as a community?

Forming a neighborhood watch -- sometimes called block watch, crime watch or community watch -- is good way to protect yourself and your neighbors. Having a safe, secure, informed neighborhood that communicates could help to enhance the comfort of living here.

An HOA helps maintain the look and feel of a neighborhood. And it creates a safe environment for homeowners to share ideas, voice and listen to concerns, and help make decisions based on the best interest of all.

We all take pride in living in this beautiful subdivision. Perhaps we can enhance the experience by coming together as a community to protect and oversee our precious homes and land.

Could a watch group or HOA benefit our community?

Please write to to express your opinion. Please clearly answer the questions:

1) Are you interested in looking into establishing a neighborhood watch group? Why or why not?
2) Are you interested in looking into establishing an HOA? Why or why not?

Thank you for sharing your opinion!

Our Neighborhood

Keeping it Safe and Beautiful