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A Classroom Screen to Keep You Organized


Teachers are constantly juggling countless aspects of class, from which students need to be marked absent, to what's next in the lesson plan, to which student needed to use the restroom. Then, on top of all of that, keeping the classroom orderly, and ensuring the correct time is allocated for an upcoming activity, staying organized is no easy task. But, Elizabeth McCartney informed me about Classroom Screen, a nifty tool that has all sorts of widgets to keep you on track, and keep your class running in an orderly fashion! Below are the main highlights of this fantastic tool!

So, what is it?

Whenever you're teaching, you're bound to have a tab for a timer open, another tab for a random name generator, and yet another tab for the lesson materials you're using. But, Classroom Screen aims to make those tabs more efficient by combining multiple widgets into one easy to use screen. Within it, you have the option of having a timer, a clock, a random name generator, a dice roller, a drawing board, and even a stoplight, just to name a few. What's great is that these can all run simultaneously on one screen, organizing your classroom structure and making it much more efficient.


Aside from being able to select the desired language that you can set your Classroom Screen in, there are several cool options for background images for your Classroom Screen. Choose an underwater turtle, or the Statue of Liberty, or even a chalkboard. But, there is also an option to make a solid color, insert a GIF, or upload your own image to make the space completely customizable.

Random Selector

Another valuable widget that's available is the Random Name Selector. Enter (or upload) your students into the box, and then click "Select." This will then choose a student from the list. Also included in this box is the dice roller. You can choose to roll 1, 2, or 3 dice. Click "Roll" and you can have some fun with an interactive dice roll.

Sound Level

Quieting a noisy classroom can be quite a challenge. There are several methods you can use to do that. But, sometimes allowing students to have a visual of just how high the noise level gets can help lower the volume. Whether chattiness or excited partner/group work, respecting the surrounding classrooms is a must. This is where the Sound Level tool would come in handy. Once selected, allow it to access the device's microphone. Then, it will pick up the noise and transfer it to a visual that allows students to keep the noise level at a respectable volume.


The coolest embedded feature/widget is the Drawing tools. These allow teachers to draw on a blank canvas, similar to a SMART Notebook screen, or Microsoft Paint of years past. But, what's even better is, thanks to a recent upgrade, there are backgrounds to choose from. Teachers can select lined paper, graph paper, or even staff paper for music teachers!

Work Symbols

Many times, we direct our students to work independently or in a group. But, another cool built-in widget is the Work Symbols icon. Within it, there are four options: Silence, Whisper, Ask Neighbor, Work Together. This is a symbol that stays on your Classroom Screen and allows students to be reminded that they need to be working quietly, or if it's OK to ask a neighbor for assistance.

One Screen

Overall, the best part about Classroom Screen is that each one of the previously mentioned tools can all be displayed at the same time, on the same screen. Additionally, there is a timer and a clock that can be added to any of these, truly making this a "one-stop shop" for all of the tools needed to run an efficient, and well-managed classroom.

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