Lazy Susan Table: Our Project

By: Brianna L. and Olivia C. (Honey Badgers)

Our Project

Our project is designed to help older people who may need more help when using, lifting and carrying cast iron cookware. The main part of our idea is to make a collapsible table that can roll around on lockable wheels. All of this is controlled by a remote, which is velcroed to the side. On the top, there is a lazy susan with steel ball bearings with a thin layer of silicone stretched over the top. The table itself scissors up and down to allow someone to go from the cupboard, to the oven or stove, and then to the table or countertop.

Our Reasoning

We chose silicone for the drum top because silicone can withstand temperatures over sustained periods of time of about 675 degrees fahrenheit. For the table, we chose square steel tubing because it has a higher weight tolerance than plastic (our original choice).