Industrial Revolution

By : Jaylin Coleman

Causes Of Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution had a bunch of different causes from private banking all the way to their government was ran. Private banking came around and then people would be earning more money when they made loans and took money out than just going to one person. At that time factories and industries were booming because of child labor.

Effect Of Industrial Revolution

Effects of the Industrial Revolution were not good at all, diseases starting from influenza. The living of people would also be not very good because streets were very muddy and since people didn't really clean themselves they would get sick easily from not bathing. The Industrial Revolution didn't have any good to it, it seemed like.
Industrial Revolution Overview

Imperialism In Africa

Causes of Imperialism in Africa

In the late 1800's and early 1900's 7 European powers were trying to claim Africa as their own territory. The imperialism in Africa was partly caused by the rivalries between different European powers.
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Effects Of Imperalism in Africa

Some of the effects of imperialism in Africa were that a large amount of Africans came under European rule. Another effect of imperialism in Africa is that western culture was spread throughout places it wasn't before.
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Archduke Ferdinard