Jacques Cartier

find out all about this famous explorer!

When He Was Around

In 1521, Spain reached Asia by sailing around the southern tip of South America. In 1534, the French king sent an experienced sailor + navigator, Jacques Cartier, to find this Northwest Passage.he found a strait but he was low on food so he went back to France.

Where He Explored

Cartier sailed west to Newfoundland, in present day Canada.He entered a large gulf through a strait (a narrow waterway between two large land areas.).He claimed the surrounding land for France.Then,he saw a waterway leading west,but like I said, he was low on food so he went back.

Mystery chunk of text

The next year,King Francis sent Cartier back to explore + map the waterway.Cartier reached its mouth on the feast day of St. Lawrence.He named the river the St. Lawrence.With Indian guides, he sailed almost 1,000 miles upriver,until his boat could go no farther.He brought an Indian chief back to France.The chief told of riches farther west.In 1541, the king sent Cartier on a third voyage to set up a French empire in North America. He took more than 100 settlers.After enduring 2 harsh winters,they gave up.

How he got around

He got around in a boat.