February Newsletter

What is the 5th Grade Up to?

What We're Learning

Reading: We are continuing to read Historical Fiction and "Questioning the Author." Why did he write that? What did she mean by that?

We will be moving into books that discuss social issues. We will begin reading Hoot to parallel our Ecosystems unit as well.

Science: We have started our Ecosystems unit. Ask your students about their latest developments in their "Ecocolumns!" Students will be making observations about the delicate interactions between flora and fauna in both terrestrial and aquatic environments.

Math: Fractions are in full swing. We are adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and showing our thinking with various diagrams and drawings. The next Math test is on February 15th.

Writing: We finished our poetry residency with Mr. Shabazz and celebrated with a Poetry Cafe in the library. Ask to see your student's anthology! We are also working on long-range Biome partner projects, which include a written portion and presentation.

A Reminder about Homework

Homework packets are sent home every Friday (and occasionally Monday when we get overwhelmed). The packets require 2 hours of nightly reading each week. Please sign the reading log indicating that you observed your child reading for at least that amount of time. Reading "homework," which may come home from your child's guided reading teacher, may count towards this required time.

Packets will alternate with "Super Stars" and Spelling Words. Super Stars are leveled, cumulative 5th grade math skills that provide students with an authentic problem solving experience. They may or may not align with the current focus in math, which allows the students to maintain previous skills from 5th grade and earlier years.

When spelling packets come home, students will have a spelling test that Friday. The test grades are part of their Writing grade. Please ensure your student is studying for their spelling tests.

Leveled nightly math homework, which provide a practice of the skill taught in class that day, will also come home each night. This is to be returned the following day. While these grades are not entered in the grade book for accuracy, we do track whether or not students turned in their homework and pull students to meet with them when we notice they are struggling with a concept. Therefore, it is essential that students are completing this homework. If they have trouble, they may attend "Brain Breakfast" in the PLC room any morning from 7:25-8:00.

Thank you for your support.

A Note from the Art Teacher

Fifth grade parents:

As we are upon the last four months of the school year, the Art Studio is low on supplies. Thus, we are asking you to donate boxes of thick, and some thin, SHARPIE markers, for us to use in our next project: "Falling into Foreshortening," in which we will explore how to draw ourselves using foreshortening. We will also be creating our own Optical Illusion backgrounds! Boxes of 12 SHARPIE markers can be found at Staples and Office Depot.

Thank you so much!

Erin Rasmussen and your McDougle Artists

Important Dates

February 12 and 14: After-School Tutoring Begins (Select Students: Invitation-Only)

February 14: Valentine's Day Party, Delayed Opening

February 15: Cap and Gown Pictures, Topic 10 Test (Adding and Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers)

February 18: No School

February 21: Culture Night @ MES

February 22: Middle School Registration Forms Due, Black History Month Assembly

March 5: Biome Project Due

March 11: Middle School Visitation

Please see the complete calendar with more information on our MES 5th Grade Team website.

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