Dead Zones

Human Dependence Project- Georgia Smith

Main Problems

The biggest problem with dead zones is that since the oxygen levels are so low, underwater animals cannot live in it. They occur naturally, but scientists fear that they also are caused by human activity. Dead zones can be caused by runoff, pollution, or an algae overgrowth. It causes sea creatures to die at a more rapid speed since the oxygen level is so low. To learn more about dead zones, watch oneoceanonline's channel's video on dead zones:

How I Would Prevent Dead Zones

To prevent dead zones, I would make sure there was a better way that people could dispose chemicals. Pollution is one of the main causes of dead zones, and by stopping pollution, we can decrease the size of dead zones.

Dead Zones


"An area in a body of water, especially an ocean, having oxygen levels that are not adequate to support life."

What do Dead Zones look like?

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How Are We Helping to Prevent Dead Zones?

Although we can't stop algae overgrowth, we can stop runoff and pollution buy disposing chemicals properly.

Will It Affect Us Here in League City?

We are not really affected by dead zones here in League City. There is however a large dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, but it affects more of Louisiana than it does us. But, if we continue to pollute the water, we can create a dead zone.

Does It Affect Us?

Yes, actually. We fish so often that if we pollute the water so much to the point that we are surrounded by dead zones, then we will not be able to fish. A lot of people can lose their jobs because of that.