The Devonian time period

The best time period to visit!


  1. 85% of the Devonian earth was covered in water.

  2. North America and China were both detached from the supercontinent of Gondwana.

  3. These 2 locations would later become part of a different supercontinent.

What are the sights like

  1. You might want to see what the geography was like,

  2. Maybe the early sharks and fish,

  3. They could go see the forests,

  4. Or maybe they want to see what type of bugs there were.

What Travelers might want to bring

  1. Protection from anything that could attack you

  2. a tent

  3. tons of blankets

  4. a bunch of water

  5. food

  6. heavy coats

Dominant Organisms

The only dominant organism was the placoderm. It was heavily armored and it ate most of the other fish. It was very heavily armored but it wasn't built to last. Only 2 of its species made it to the carboniferous period.

Dangerous things to look out for

People might be attacked by early sharks or swarms of bugs. They might want to watch out for earthquakes.

Extra Information

The Devonian time period is sometimes called the “Age of the Fishes”. The first amphibians did have legs. They had legs but they spent most of their lives in the water. The amphibians only left the water to escape predators. The first amphibians breathed through simple lungs and their skin. The first Ammonoids also appeared in the Devonian time period. It was named the Devonian time period because the first fossils were studied in Devon, England.