Harriet Tubman:

Conductor on the underground railroad

book by: Ann Petry, poster by: Andrew Goforth

What is it about?

the book, Harriet Tubman: Conductor on the underground railroad, by Ann Petry is a biography about the life of Harriet Tubman, who was known as "Moses" because after she escaped slavery, she returned to slave territory to take others to freedom.

About Ann Petry

Guarunteed to entertain, this wonderful novel is a must-read

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Harriet was born to Ben, and Old Rit, in 1820 in tidewater, Maryland. As she grew up, abolitionist events changed the way she lived. While she grew up, she was hired out to several other people. One event in particular changed the way she lived forever. Her head was struck with a thrown 2 lb. weight, on her forehead leaving a deep scar. afterword, some of her family members began getting sold south, with the chain gang. Soon, Harriet hears she has been sold and is to be taken south. That is, when Harriet runs away, north, stopping at houses apart of the underground railroad. when she arrives in Pennsylvania, she realizes that her own Freedom is not enough. She returns twice a year to take out her family and other slaves to Freedom. However, the fugitive slave law forced Harriet to take her "passengers" to Canada. when the civil war broke out in 1860, Harriet served as a battlefield nurse. After General Lee surrendered, and the thirteenth amendment was added, Harriet became involved in the women's suffrage movement.
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