by Adrian martinez-reyes


In 1976, Apple was started by Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak in his garage. When Steve jobs was twelve. He was in a club called club for kids he was so fascinated by the computer and he badly wanted one and so he started to try and make his first computer. Steve did not have all the parts that he needed so he asked bill Hewlett who gave him the parts and gave him a summer job. then when he wonted to sell his computer every one turned him down but Steve did not want to give up he kept trying to get his computer out there he started to make more


The first apple computer filled up an entire room and ran on old-fashioned vacuum tubes. By the time of 1970 most computers were very loud and the size of a refrigerator. In 1976, Wozniak sold his calculator for $250 and Jobs sold his Volkswagen bus for $1,500. They put the money together to start Apple Computer Inc. in 1977. In 1977 they made apple two in april it sold for $1,295. Then on 1980 december 12 apple computer Inc goes public making jobs an overnight he became a multimillionaire. The computers from 1977 had small screen very bulky computer with no color. The computers now are slim have a bigger screens quit and including color. Now you can do a lot more then back in 1977 like now you have color and you can search the web it’s a lot more reliable then in 1977.


They started the company so the computers could be sold to people who wanted to write software without having to make a computer kit. He made advertising innovative He turned technology into art He made computers part of our lives. In 2013 apple Donates $8 million to chines Earthquake victims (April) then in 2012 apple as well donates $2.5 million to american red cross for hurricane sandy relief (November). If we not to have apple then life would be a lot harder to live in.

The first apple computer

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