Mrs. Berger's Weekly Update!

September 8th, 2015

Dear Families,

I hope you enjoyed your three day weekend!

I spent the better part of the weekend at a soccer tournament. Squeezed in celebrating my dad's 65th birthday. Went to a fun BBQ pool party on Labor Day with friends.

Please make sure to read the important information below for updates for the week.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Your OLS Progress Goal is 5% by September 11th!

Important Information

  • If you have not finished your iReady assessments that is priority #1 for this week!

  • If you have not completed the online survey for your student and you received an email reminder from me please complete that ASAP!

  • If you have not signed up for Remind updates please do!

  • You will be receiving a link this morning to sign up for your QAC. Please sign up for a conference and mark your calendars to save the date!

  • ILPs for most of you were sent out via Kmail over the weekend. I still need to complete a few of them that I need some assistance on. All of them are a first draft. Once iReady is complete for all students in the coming weeks you will be receiving another copy with updated iReady scores and student goals. If you have not filled out your survey this information will also be missing from you ILP. If you have completed iReady the scores are on there, but there are not goals yet. The level is = to grade level on iReady. For example if your student scored at level 5 that means according to this assessment your student is at a grade 5 level. This is just one tool we use to track progress of students and to see how they are doing and where they may need extra support.

  • iReady reports will be out to you this week or next as well!

  • Don't forget Class Connect sessions begin this week! Math is T-F at 9a.m. Language Arts is T/TH at 11a.m.! Some of the classes may not align exactly to where your students are in their plan, but please have them attend the class to see what they are covering.

  • If you have a Student Support Session on your Weekly plan I have invited your student to join me for a smaller group class for some additional support!

  • If you feel comfortable please email me a photo of your child and family. I will not see the students as often as I would like, and it would be great to look at the photos to help remember everyone between our visits.

  • I will be referring to the symbaloo page as "SS" for "See Symbaloo"

On Our Symbaloo Page

  • Resources for anyone that is new to CAVA or returning families that need additional help please see “New to CAVA." We are here to help you!
  • All CAVA Outings will be posted on a main CAVA Outings Website. See "CAVA Outings" for more information.
  • Check out the PE section for PE logs.
  • These weekly updates will also be on the site

Class Connect Sessions

Check the plan for links to the following weekly class connect sessions:

Class Connect Classes for All 6th Graders
  • Homeroom: Mondays 9:30a.m.
  • Math: Tuesdays-Fridays 9a.m. I should be the teacher assigned for Math on Th/F for our class.
  • Language Arts: Tuesdays and Thursdays 11a.m.

Student Support Classes

Students may be invited to 1-3 classes per week. The students invited to the classes are subject to change weekly. Links to the classes, if invited, will appear on your weekly plan by Monday of that week. If your student is not invited, but you feel they would benefit from the extra support please let me know.

  • Language Arts Student Support for our class with Mrs. Mulvaney: Tuesdays 12-1p.m.
  • Math Student Support for our class with Mrs. Berger: Wednesdays 10:30-11:30a.m.
  • Weekly Wrap Up Student Support for our class with Mrs. Berger: Fridays 10:30-11:30a.m.

Class Recordings
If your student cannot make a live session they will be recorded and available to watch at a later time. Access the link to the recording on the weekly plan at the day and time of the session you missed.

More Classes?

Students may also have sessions assigned from their Intervention, SPED/Speech, or ELD teachers if they receive additional services. If sessions overlap the ones assigned by Intervention, SPED/Speech, or ELD should be the first priority for the student to attend. If you are missing classes for this reason make sure I am aware of the conflict and the reason for your absence in our scheduled classes.

Mark Your Calendars

1st Quarter: September 1st to November 4th



  • 1st LP1 PE Log Due 9/1-9/29
  • 12th Columbus Day- No School
  • 23rd or bring to your QAC- Q1 Work Samples Due- Original Work
Language Arts (Composition, GUM, Vocab AND Literature)
Math, Science, History, Art and Music (if applicable)
  • 23rd or bring to your QAC- Composition Due- “Personal Narrative” Unit 2 Pre-writing & Final Paper
  • 23rd or bring to your QAC- Math TGA Due- Unit 3 Lesson 13
  • 23rd-November 1st Red Ribbon Week
  • 26th Anti-Bullying Assembly 9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m. in place of Homeroom Class Connect
  • 26th Academic Olympics- iReady “Olympic Trials” this week
  • 10/26-11/7 Semester 1 In-Person Quarterly Academic Conference Window
  • 10/26-11/7 Watch Class Connect Recorded Sessions, no live class connect classes or student support sessions.
  • 30th LP2 PE Log Due 9/30-10/28

2nd Quarter: November 5th to January 27th


  • 11th Veteran's Day- No School
  • 13th Literature- Critical Skills Assessment- Unit 6
  • 25th-28th Thanksgiving Break
  • 26th Mark your calendars! Thanksgiving morning the CAVA Gobblers are running (or walking) the Dana Point Turkey Trot 5K! I hope you can join us in this event I am planning as a CAVA outing. See symbaloo for more details and even a training plan! What a great way to get some PE minutes!


  • 4th LP3 PE Log Due 10/29-12/1
  • 21st-January 1st Winter Break


  • 15th LP4 PE Log Due 12/2-1/12
  • 15th PE Semester 1 Assignment Due
  • 15th Q2 Work Samples Due- Original Work
Language Arts (Composition, GUM, Vocab AND Literature)
    Math, Science, History, Art and Music (if applicable)
    • 15th Composition Due- “Persuasive” Unit 4 Pre-writing & Final Paper
    • 15th Math TGA Due- Unit 5 Lesson 13
    • 15th Literature- Critical Skills Assessment- Unit 9
    • 15th History Writing Assignment Due- Unit 5
    • 18th Martin Luther King Day- No School
    • 24th-29th National School Choice Week
    • 27th End of Quarter 2 / 1st Semester
    • 29th LP5 PE Log Due 1/13-2/17

    About Me

    This year marks my 1st year as a teacher with CAVA, and 5th year teaching overall. Prior to teaching here I worked for Capistrano Unified as an elementary school teacher. I also worked as an English Language Development Support Teacher for Vista Unified overseeing the ELD program at my school site. I have been married to my husband Matt, a firefighter for OCFA, for 17 years. We have two children. Ryan is 13 and Claire is 10. We live in Ladera Ranch. On the weekends you can find me on the soccer field watching my son play or at the pool watching my daughter compete in local swim meets. When we have a weekend free of sports you will usually find us at the beach! I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, running, riding my beach cruiser, and making digital scrapbooks with our family photos!