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January 2016 - Pop Culture Edition

In this month's edition...

Tool Times - New in Canvas - Badge o' the Month - Support Report - Teacher Feature

Tool Times - January Trainings in the ETC

Gradebook Set-Up: The Canvas gradebook is a powerful tool for all teaching methods and enables students to monitor their own progress. Learn how to set it up and customize it for your methods. January 12th and 20th, Noon-1:00

Films on Demand:
Learn how to navigate Films on Demand and add films to your course shells. Tuesday, January 26th, Noon-12:30

AccessAbility: Next week look out for more details on this important course for all faculty and staff. Though you may choose to complete it online, we will offer our first face-to-face version of the course this month. Thursday, January 28th, Noon-1:30

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New in Canvas

New Courses: Congratulations to Nick Tratz (SP121), Karri Miller (CIS125s), and Susan Rochester (ART205) for their recent course developments! Big thanks go to Peer Reviewers Crystal Sullivan and John Blackwood for being a set of additional eyes and source of awesome recommendations!

Link Validator: You can now verify all external links within your course by using Link Validator. Here's how: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-5626

ePub: Like to read course material offline? Though interactivity will be lost, you can download your course using ePub. These two videos will show you how: http://screencast.com/t/uWFocVTeCumR, https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-5579

Badge o' the Month

Upon completion of the Accessibility Course (more details next week), you will earn this sharp new badge for your Canvas profile. You know you want one!
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Support Report

Usage of Tier One Support through Instructure is up for UCC with numbers doubling between September and October and again in November. Students and Faculty are using phone and chat the most. Customer satisfaction was reported at 86% in September and 96% for both October and November. Don't forget we now all have 24/7 access (yes, students can call at 3:00 am!) to Canvas support!

Teacher Feature: Quotes from Favorite Fictional Teachers