Hurricane Facts

Hurricane News From Patience Breeden on November 16, 2012


Hello my name is Patience and I am going to tell you about hurricanes. First I am going to tell you how they are formed. Then how they started nameing hurricanes. Last I am going to tell you about a hurricane named Isabel. Are you ready to learn about hurricanes?

How Hurricanes are Formed

Okay, a hurricane is really violent storm. It all starts over the ocean. A hurricane gets its strenghth from the warm water of the ocean. When a hurricane makes landfall, it starts to lose that energy. The hurricanes are full of powerful winds which is how they are categorited.

Nameing Hurricanes

Next is how hurricanes are named. There are six list of names that people have come up with. The list are reused every six years. The way they use to name hurricanes was just using girls names because they said that is how some girls act. Some names of hurricanes are retired because the hurricane that used that name was so powerful and caused a lot of damage.

The Hurricane Named Isabel

Now the hurricane I picked was hurricane Isabel. Isabel happened September 1, 2003. The cost of all the damage was rounded to about 3 billion dollars. Which was from all the flooding, high winds and the actual hurricane coming in contact with houses and other things. As you have already read about categories the hurricanes can have. Well Isabel had the highest category which was a five. The total amount of deaths that happened were 16 deaths the hurricane directly caused. Then 34 deaths that happened by the flooding and other things like that.


So did you like what all I have told you today? I think it was very interesting in how hurricanes are formed, how they are named and last about hurricane Isabel. I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it. Hope you look more into these violent storms.