who are they?

Who are they and what do they do?

Microbiologists are people who study the microorganisms that are in other living organisms such as plants fungi and animals and they can also be found in things like bacteria. They study environmental organisms that cause disease to the environment that are of industrial or agricultural. They can also study the characteristics of non living pathogens like viruses and prions.

What does microbiology mean

microbiology has many studies in it for example you take a look at many of the smaller things in the world like small single celled bacteria or ecological organisms and also have many other organisms that make up the world and the other non living organisms
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What it takes to be a microbiologist

Be a microbiologist means you have to have a degree in biology and know the study of organisms and the components that make up the larger organisms

- you must have a bachelors degree

-become certified

-earn a doctoral degree in microbiology

Earn any certified positions in the studies

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