Jaguar Journal

Week of January 20th

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YOU can do anything!

MOY data is rolling in....please make sure you CELEBRATE the growth! Also, consider how you can work with your students and classes in your grade level to set goals for the EOY! Here is a wonderful video that helps students understand that the learning process can be tricky and how setting goals can help them achieve their goals! Consider how your PLC can create goal tracking sheets, if you don't have them already!

Resources for Goal Setting with Students:

Resources for Setting Goals and Tracking Data:

Important Dates for the Week:

Monday, Jan. 21st:
  • No School - Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King!

Tuesday, Jan. 22nd:

  • NCE will be open/unalarmed from 6:45 - 5:30
  • Required Staff Development (all certified staff are expected to attend a session/please see Carla if you are unsure where to go).
  • 3-5 DL teachers that do not teach math will meet with our Achieve 3000 rep. in Mandy's office from 8:30 - 11:30
  • Tier 1 Behavior and Consequences PD and Lunch for Instructional Assistants at 11:30 in Media Center (LUNCH PROVIDED)

Wednesday, Jan. 23rd:

  • 3rd/4th/1st PLC

Thursday, Jan. 24th:

  • 2nd/K PLC
  • 4th/5th Half Day Meeting with Melody at Horton Staff Development building
  • Meet and Greet for Brittany Stone with kindergarten parents from 5:30 - 6:30 in Harrington's classroom

Friday, Jan. 25th:

  • 5th PLC
  • K/1 Half Day Meeting with Melody at Horton Staff Development building
  • LUCKY DUCKS GET LUNCH ORDERED IN FOR THEM - details coming to their email soon!
  • Check your duck! Congratulations to Lucy Wheeler, Robert Bland and Sandy Sistrunk - we are missing one Lucky Duck for the lunch order! Are you Lucky Duck 2, 17, 28 or 72?

Beginning Teachers and Mentors Collaborating and Reflecting on completing the FIRST SEMESTER!

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  • Playground Updates - The PTA is busy moving forward with playground updates. It looks like the playground will be unable to be used from 2/15 - end of the month. This will allow crews to work on drainage and new equipment installation. During this time recess will need to take place in other areas (ball fields, soccer field, etc). We will brainstorm about areas/supervision in the coming weeks.

  • January/February Staff Meeting -- Our January meeting will be on January 29th and NCE Teacher Leaders will be sharing with us about technology! 5th grade is signed up for refreshments. So that we are able to give presenters an accurate count of who will be attending their sessions--all certified staff please complete this survey before this Thursday!

  • 2nd Check-Ins are SOON...Group assignment and proctor list will be out this week!

  • 3rd grade will take the math check in on Friday, January 25th. 3rd grade specials will be switched with 1st grade this Friday.

  • 4th and 5th grade will take math will be on Tuesday, January 29 and reading on Wednesday, January 30. 5th grade specials will be cancelled on the 29th and 30th.

  • Lockdown Practice - Toward the end of January we will have our next Lockdown Practice. This drill be not be announced. Please review expectations for Lockdown Drills with your students.

  • End of Quarter 2/Grades Due - The end of the quarter was last Friday. Third - Fifth grade teachers, grades will be due to Evonne on January 24th. Report Cards go out with all students on January 29th.

  • K-8 English Language Arts team launched a survey back in December to gather your feedback regarding future professional development, ELA units, and your needs. Central Services is beginning to plan professional development as they work to roll out the revised ELA standards for the 2019-2020 school year. Please complete this survey for the county, if you did not do so already.

  • Semester Conferences - Coming soon...Carla/Eddie will schedule a time with all certified staff members to look at data and hear about plans to ensure second semester growth. Conferences will be held the first two weeks of February. A calendar will be forthcoming!

  • Prior to Semester Conferences....please go ahead and begin working on your mid year PDP.

  1. Click on PDP Mid year review and fill in the box that says Evidence of Progress towards specific standards.
  2. We will discuss specifics regarding progress at your semester conference or any upcoming post conference if needed.
  3. Please save this work but do not finalize or mark complete until we review it at your semester conference/post observation conference.

  • Next Round of Observations: Teachers on Comprehensive Evaluations - your next round of observations are due in the next few weeks so we will be in classrooms for an unannounced 45 minute observation soon. Teachers on Standard Evaluation (renewal year)- your next round of observations are due soon as well so we will be in for an unannounced 20 minutes snapshot soon.

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Breakfast Brainics and Y Tutoring started last week! Thank you for all the ways each of you work to close gaps for kids everyday at NCE!

Staff Changes/Additions:

Nurse Change:

We will be welcoming back Susan Brannum as a nurse at NCE! Susan was at NCE for a few years and will be returning to support us with our nursing needs in the coming weeks! Special thanks to Dawn Rains for all she has done at NCE for the past 5.5 years!

A note from Dawn:

Some of you may have already heard but I wanted to let everyone know that we have had some Nurse staffing changes this year which has resulted in some assignment changes. Although I am not leaving the district I will be shifting from North Chatham to Chatham Middle. Susan Brannum, RN will be returning here to North Chatham as your School Nurse. Starting this week we will be working together to ensure it will be a smooth transition. If you have any questions please let me know.I have enjoyed working here with all of you for the past 5 1/2 years and I will miss you and the students. Thank you all for welcoming me here.

Welcome Brittany Stone!

We are excited to share that North Chatham has been allotted one additional teaching position. After careful review of our school’s needs, we have decided to use the additional teacher allotment in our kindergarten traditional classrooms. Mrs. Harrington, Mrs. Eiden, and I have been working to establish a co-teaching schedule. Using a co-teaching format will allow students to remain in their current classes and the teachers will work together to plan instruction and delivery. The additional kindergarten teacher will help provide whole class instruction as well as support individual student needs. We are excited about this new position as it will increase the learning potential for all students.

I am pleased to welcome Brittany Stone to North Chatham as our new kindergarten co-teacher. Ms. Stone is a Chatham County native and attended North Chatham as a student! Most recently, she has been teaching kindergarten for the past three years in Guilford County. We are excited to welcome her back as a Jaguar!

PLC Schedule:

PLC Meetings with Darlene to regroup for I/E - PLC adjustments have been made on the NCE Master Calendar as well.


1/28 - 3rd/5th grade PLC

1/30 - 4th grade PLC

1/31 - Kindergarten/2nd PLC

Adjustments have also been made for this week since we are out of school on Monday/Tuesday. There will be NO EXTENDED PLC this week except for 1st grade since they are examining data with Darlene.

1/23 (Wednesday) - 3rd/4th/1st (1st - THIS IS THE ONLY PLC THAT WILL BE EXTENDED THIS WEEK!)

1/24 (Thursday) - K/2nd

1/25 (Friday) - 5th

Car Duty for the Week:

AM Car Duty: Avilia, Alvarez, Parrish, K.Horton, DePietro, Spencer

PM Car Duty: Sanzone, Loftus, Crankshaw, Eiden, Brennan, Sportelli, Landis, Hackney

If you are going to be out, please trade a day with a friend. This duty is too important to not have it covered.