Hitler Youth

Chapter 8

German Kid

His name is Hans Scholl. He rebeled against Hitler Youth and joined gangs that despised Hitler. He was a student at the University of Muyncha. Had a sister named Sophie.

Big Social Issues

  • In the concentration camps the guards imposed harsh dicipline and homosexuals were castrated or executed or both.
  • Boys who wore there hair long and girls who wore makeup and painted there fingernails were to be arrested and sent to concentration camps.
  • "Political oppositional showed an indifference towards the war, disrupted youth service oblication and listened illegaly to foreign radio broadcast."

Summary of the Chapter or So What?

In the book Hitler Youth, Chapter 8 "Long Live Freedom", It teaches the important lesson that, if we rebel against the society around us, we will get in trouble or be punished for our mistakes. If we don't follow the rules and we disobey, then we will be put into a camp, well now we would go to Jail or Prison, or Juvi, this is the punishment now, but the punishment then was going into a consentration camp, and hard work labor.