Self Reflection

Joci Hanson

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My Career Cluster Areas

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources- In the Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources cluster, you could raise plants and animals as sources for food and shelter. On the other hand, you could focus on selling and making products from plants and animals. These products include food, lumber, and fabrics. You might also provide advice and services that farmers and ranchers need to improve products. Another option in this cluster is to work to conserve natural resources and protect the environment.

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics- You have three avenues. One is to move people and products by road, air, rail, or water. You would drive or pilot different means of transportation. The second is to repair and maintain the vehicles, trains, plains, and ships to keep people and products moving. The third option is to work behind the scenes to make sure the products and people get to the right place on time.

Health Science-You would promote health and wellness or diagnose and treat injuries and disease. You could work directly with people. Or you could work in laboratories to get information used in research or diagnosis. Health service employees go to work at a variety of different sites. Some work in hospitals, offices, or laboratories. Others work on cruise ships, at sports arenas, or within communities.

My Key Interest Areas


Investigative-People with investigative interests like work activities that have to do with ideas and thinking more than with physical activity. They like to search for facts and figure out problems mentally rather than to persuade or lead people. "The Thinkers"

R-Realistic-People with realistic interests like work activities that include practical, hands-on problems and solutions. They enjoy dealing with plants, animals, and real-world materials, like wood, tools, and machinery. They enjoy outside work. Often people with realistic interests do not like occupations that mainly involve doing paperwork or working closely with others. "The Do-ers"

S-Social-People with social interests like work activities that assist others and promote learning and personal development. They prefer to communicate more than to work with objects, machines, or data. They like to teach, to give advice, to help, or otherwise be of service to people. "The Helpers"


-Veterinary Assistant



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My Personality Traits


E-Extraverted: Enjoys a wide circle of friends, learn by doing, seek interaction, and expenditure of energy.

S-Sensing: Are down to earth, focus on the present, learn step by step, and rely on past experience.

F-Feeling: Are compassionate and accepting, guided by personal values, are good at complimenting, and can be overemotional.

P-Perceiving: tend to play now and work later, enjoy last-minute pressures, and like to be spontaneous.

Careers I would consider: Veterinarian, Bartender, Veterinary Assistant, Animal Caretaker, Animal Trainer

My Strongest Skill Areas


  • Competitiveness-Striving to be the best.
  • Teamwork-Working cooperatively with others.
  • Assisting/Caring-Providing assistance, care, or service to others.
  • Color Vision-Detecting the difference between colors, shades, and brightness.
  • Science Reasoning-Using scientific methods to understand and solve problems.

Careers I would Consider: Animal Scientist, Surgical Technologist, Bartender. Licensed Practical Nurse, Emergency Medical Technician

My Work Value Locator


  • Support-People for whom support from their employer is important like to be treated fairly and have supervisors who will back them up. They prefer jobs where they are trained well.
  • Achievement-People for whom achievement is important like to see the results of their work and to use their strongest abilities. They like to get a feeling of accomplishment from their work.
  • Recognition-People for whom recognition is important like to work in jobs which have opportunities for them to advance, be recognized for their work, and direct and instruct others. They usually prefer jobs in which they are looked up to by others.
  • Working Conditions-People for whom good working conditions are important like jobs offering steady employment and good pay. They want employment that fits their individual work style. They may prefer doing a variety of tasks, working alone, or being busy all the time.
  • Relationships-People for whom relationships are important like to work in a friendly, non-competitive environment. They like to do things for other people. They prefer jobs where they are not pressured to do things that go against their sense of right and wrong.

Careers I would Consider: Food Scientist, Zoologist, Fashion Designer, Professional Makeup Artist, Animal Caretaker

What I Learned About Myself

I learned that if I start to focus on my grades and start taking the classes I need, then my dream of going to a good college and pursuing my dream job will come true. Since I love animals and since they have a special place in my heart, I want to have a job where there are animals or where I am working with them or helping/caring for them. I learned that all of my career clusters involve an animal job.

Since I don't like to do the same thing every single day, I think being a veterinary assistant, zoologist, or an animal caretaker would be a really good fit for me. I learned that my personality traits relate well to the job I want to have in my future and I also learned that my work importance locators match really well with an animal caretaker. Learning these motivates me to be who I want to be in the future and to fulfill my dream job and work hard to get it.


"Some days you just have to create your own sunshine."