Erie Canal

Olivia Coletto & Hollee Rogers

Who was involved with the Erie Canal?

New York Governor Dewitt Cliton was involved with the artificial channel.

What did the Erie Canal do?

It linked the Great lakes with the Mohawk & Hudson Rivers.

When was the Erie Canal used?

It was used from 1800-1817

Where did the Erie Canal have the most impact-North or South or West? Why there?

The Erie Canal had the most impact in the West. It Let Western Farmers Ship their goods to the prot of New York. It also brought business to towns along the route.

Why is the Erie Canal important enough to be in the history book?

Cost of shipping goods dropped to about 1/10 of what it had been. It helped make NYC a center of commerce.

How did the Erie Canal change American life in the 1800's?

It led to other states building canals witch linked western farms to eastern cities.

What did the erie Canal look like?

The award of productivity

The erie canal is productive in many ways. It sped up the way of trade, and also some transportation.