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Action Teams and SLT Meet this Monday 9/19

We will meet briefly in the library on Monday afternoon

before getting into our team meetings.

You should hear from your committee Chair and Co-Chair

about where you will be meeting.

Please let me know if you still don't have a team/committee.

WANTED ASAP: Journey Leader

a JOURNEY LEADER is someone who will track the story of their school year. Each month they will write a short paragraph with pictures (BLOG) telling their story here at Joppa View.

*we will also have a student JOURNEY LEADER*

This commitment will take the place of an Action Team/Committee and earn you 8 Bird University points.

TWITTER...TWEETING...and #hashtags

  • PLEASE consider, if you don't already have one, creating a Twitter account.
  • Baltimore County and Joppa View would like our story to be shared.
  • Once you have an account, think about TWEETING every other day (quickly during your planning or at the end of the day).
  • Tag JVES using @JoppaViewES and use the hashtag #bcpslh.

Twitter is said to be the number one digital professional development.

And we have a lot of great things to share!

Planning Times

Please let me know if you would like me to push into your planning time to share information (i.e. Bird University) so that it is less to talk about on your grade level planning day. I did this yesterday with 1st grade.

Call it Scoring...or Scored...or "This will be SCORED."

Joe Lin brought up a great piece of advice (that Beth Anne picked up on and shared again)

We are SCORING almost everything the students turn in

whether it is graded or ungraded in the grade book.

If students know that something will be SCORED,

it takes away the "well, this is practice so it doesn't matter" mentality.

Sign-Up Genius for Conferences?

What an easy way to schedule your conferences fro November 11th.

Please see me if you would like help setting up your Sign-Up Genius for Conference Day!

(Thanks to ideas from Heidi W. and Mike K.)

Pearson Realize: Math Tools

Don't forget...Pearson Realize has kid-friendly digital math manipulative tools that students can use! See me if you need help accessing these tools.

Thanks for this reminder (Deb L.)!

Loving Ms. Schruefer's Essential Question Bulletin Board.

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Last year McGraw Hill came out to film our very own Alley Firey.

She is famous! See the video below.

The Art of Teaching - I Think

ALL Grading and Reporting Resources & Presentations Padlet

Click the Padlet below for ALL of the presentations and documents from the county since the beginning of last year.

Who is excited for iREADY?


So pumped to learn more about this "Dreambox, but for reading" for grades 1-3.

Diagnostically tests your students and then provides adaptive lessons on their level.

Can we say meaningful, independent work?

Speaking of Dreambox

Click here to see the Teacher Dashboard Insight Overview

Thank you Anna for organizing Dot Day!

Article below good for parents...and teachers!

It's all about building relationships.


You know that feeling when it's late and your brain won't shut down?! Well, since we've been back to school, that is what my nights have been like. SO...I have been on Pinterest A LOT. Below are some of the things I have been pinning. Feel free to look me up and see what else is on there! I also pin a lot of food...mostly desserts...don't judge.
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Shout Out to following teachers for coming to APPY HOUR:

Mike K.

Heidi W.

Dana M.

Deb L.

Beth Anne M.

Next APPY HOUR will be on September 28th and will have some yummy drinks and treats!

Chapel Hill Apple Festival

Saturday, Sep. 17th, 10am-5pm

4350 Chapel Road

Perry Hall, MD

Looking for something FALL-y to do this weekend?

Chapel Hill has their Apple Festival on Saturday and Sunday filled with vendors, hay rides, train rides, animals, and most Calhouns are planning on being there on one of those days.


Bulletin boards are a work in progress outside of my room, but please look there for announcements, tips, and tricks!