Juror Number 11

By: Secy Quezada


A refugee from Europe who has come to the United States in 1941, which has an accent.


A man who is ashamed humble, almost subservient to the people around him, but who will honestly seek justice because he has suffered through so much himself. He is a selfless, kind, and fair.


"Please. I would like to say something here. I have always thought that in this country a man was entitled to have unpopular opinion..."
"I don't have to defend my decisions to you. I have a reasonable doubt in my mind."



In the beginning of the play juror 11 wasn't really involved in the discussion of the murder case, but towards the middle he began to speak his opinion on how he himself had gone through injustice and would want any one else to go through it. From then on was when some of the other jurors began to dislike him, especially juror 7. Juror 11 was a static character.