Link and Learn Friday

Friday November 1


B&N Studio - (All Ages) The Barnes and Noble studio has an enormous cache of read out loud books by the authors, video interviews and book trailers. The online storytime features books such as "Pinkalicious", "Where the Wild things are" and "The Polar Express" .

The "Meet the Authors" channel features author interviews, the Eric Carle interview is fabulous! And don't miss the book trailers, they are as exciting as movie trailers and really pique your curiosity about the stories.

*There is a great mixture of adult and student content so make sure you preview your trailers and interviews before showing them in class.


Rover - Free, IPAD only. Have you ever been to a website on your IPAD and the buttons didn't work or the active content didn't load? Your problems are solved...Rover is a Flash based browser that will allow you to view all those websites that you couldn't before, just open Rover first, then browse to the website.

Just for Fun

Sweet Paul - If you haven't discovered online magazines yet, you're in for a treat. They don't take up space and there' no need to recycle. Plus, this one is free!

Recipes, design and beautiful photography. You can view this on your computer or IPAD and if you decide to save or keep a recipe or photo spread you have the option to print or clip the pages. Don't forget to scroll down and view the back issues.