Dragon Diary

September 4, 2020

Virtual Curriculum Night

Join us on Tuesday, September 8th for Virtual Curriculum Night! Teachers will be sending out videos to parents at 5 pm discussing their curriculum and the class focus for the year. They will also provide a method for parents to set up either a Zoom conference and or ask questions.

Mark your calendars now!

Student ID Badges

Beginning Tuesday September 8th campus doors will be locked and all students must have ID’s with them daily for entrance to the buildings.

The student ID is your key and the only way to enter the campus for their safety and security. ID Badges include lanyards and must be worn.

Badges will also be used in the library and in the cafeteria. The cafeteria will only allow a student to access their account with their ID. The ID provides the staff and the students the safety to be no contact daily.

CISD Student ID’s are issued only once during your 4 years at Carroll/Carroll Senior High. If you lose your badge and need a new one, the cost to replace your ID will be $10.00. Please see the Guidance Office for replacement if you are at the CHS campus. Students at CSHS should see Mrs. Cranford in the Library.


A Verification of Enrollment is required for students getting a permit or license. There is a sign-up sheet in the front office of CHS for freshman and sophomores. Juniors and seniors need to obtain their VOE from the Senior High AP Office.

Please allow 24 hours for forms to be processed.

Forms are good for 30 days.

The Carroll Education Foundation

The Carroll Education Foundation's vision is a community united in providing private resources to ensure an exceptional education for all CISD students, now and for future generations.

CEF's mission is to build financial support from our community and corporate partners to ensure excellence in education for all students in CISD. To accomplish our mission, we supplement funds for teachers and other educators whose positions the state of Texas does not require but our community considers necessary for a superior education. CEF is the only group that our school district allows to fund teachers and staff at our school campuses.

Watch the CEF Teacher Fund video to see how donations to the foundation ensures a higher quality of teaching and learning at every school and for every child in Carroll ISD

CHS/CSHS Picture Day

Ready, set, smile because picture day is almost here and all students will have their photos taken for the yearbook. Virtual students need to sign up for a time to have their picture using the links below. Face-to-face students will go down to the photographers with their English classes.

Some tips for looking your best are to wear solid colors and small patterns, avoid green and T-shirts with logos or sayings. Long-sleeved shirts look best as do simple earrings and necklaces.

Links and proofs will be sent to parents through email approximately two weeks after photos are taken.


September 8th - DVA students with DVA junior online sign up from 2 pm to 6 pm

September 9th - in-person junior/staff photos

October 1st - retakes

October 1st and 2nd - DVA and in-person Senior Portrait online sign up for times.

October 26th - senior retakes with online signup times


September 21st - DVA students with online sign up for times from 4 pm to 7 pm

September 22 & 23 - in-person student/staff photos taken during English classes

September 25th - DVA students with online sign up for times from 4 pm to 7 pm

October 20th - Retakes

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Purchase Tickets Here

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Purchase Tickets Here

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Food Delivery Services

Food delivery services will no longer be allowed on campus and delivery drivers will not be allowed into the building.

Online Ordering Clarification

We have found that many students are not picking up their pre orders meals.

Pre-order meals are made just before each lunch period so they are as fresh as possible.

Many students are not selecting the correct lunch period AND/OR campus. Please find out if you have A,B, C, or D lunch on the day you are ordering and select that lunch as your “Pick Up Option”

If you plan to eat lunch at the Senior High, you must place orders from the Senior High School Pre-order Lunch Menu. You will select Mega Lunch in this case.

Pre-order meals are charged to students accounts each morning. When a student does not pick it up, their account gets charged anyway.

We have a designated Pick – Up Kiosks at each cafeteria. They are located to the right side of the serving lines at both campuses.

If an order is not picked up, your account will still be charged. If you have a duplicate order because you ordered at the wrong campus we will not double charge the account. However, after Labor Day, we will have to begin charging for any meal that is not picked up, regardless of purchases made in the normal serving line. We know everyone is still learning and getting used to our new system!

As a reminder, pre-order is not a requirement, but an option for students. The goal is to provide more time for students to visit at lunch with their friends and avoid the lunch line!

Carroll High School Traffic Flow

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Campus Logistics


Please remember traffic is key for both CSHS and CHS especially with teenage drivers.

On campus, traffic does begin to occur around 7:30 am every single day. We would remind families any arrival after 7:30 would include each person encountering traffic until at least 8 am daily.

After school, traffic will be especially tight at CHS. Any arrival earlier than 3:21 will cause campus stacking onto city roads. Please understand stacking onto the road will limit the transportation of emergency vehicles effectively to assist community members. If students will maintain safe distances, they are able to stay on campus until as late as 5 pm.

CSHS is in the middle of the Fine Arts facility construction and thus construction vehicles can occasionally influence traffic. We will have SROs at the West entrance helping traffic enter the campus. CSHS front entrance has a traffic pattern that will move through the administrative parking lot back to the front entrance road to provide a small bit of stacking on campus.

At CHS, you will encounter construction on White Chapel Boulevard for the entire school year. Conversations with the construction company has assured us during “peak” traffic times all three lanes will be open for entrance into CHS. After peak times we do anticipate many times where we will be moved to two lanes due to construction. Based on the widening of the road there will be occasional traffic lane switches especially after the temporary lane is constructed on White Chapel Boulevard in September. Please understand the south exit from CHS is a right turn only and we must remind all families to follow this throughout construction to provide students safety.

Crosswalk at Ascot and White Chapel

The crosswalk and associated signal Pedestrian heads have been moved to the north side of the Ascot intersection.

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Please use only the North and South covered parent drop and pick-up areas for students. Pull all the way forward in the lanes on campus so more students can transition on campus at a time. The front circle is for bus traffic only and is not a student pick-up area or a drop off area. Do not load/unload on city roads, as this is illegal, or in neighborhoods for pick up as most of this area is private property.

Early Arrival

Please remember all early arrival students must enter campus safely and maintain safe distances from other students on campus. Both campuses are very open but remember teachers could be working on tutorials every morning with students and thus we do remind all students not to interfere with any classroom instruction.


Please yield to all busses entering the campus traffic patterns. Provide all students safety as these busses navigate our campuses.

Cell Phones

We are cell phone free when driving on any CISD campus. Please protect others and focus on the road.

Technology and Supply Information

Technology Help

For technical assistance, students and parents can call the CISD Help Desk at 817-949-HELP(4357) . Additionally, students can submit Help Requests via the web at https://helpsouthlakecarroll.edu.

Hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

DVA Supply Pick Up

CHS will be providing DVA pick up of items on Thursdays from 3:45 pm to 4:30 pm in the north parent drop off. Here we will hand out DVA class supplies needed for all DVA students. Please verify with your teacher if you will need to come to school to collect supplies from CHS. The anticipation for CHS is we will use the Thursday date for supply pick up and drop off the entire year.


Please remember if you still have outstanding textbooks no new textbooks will be provided until they are returned or paid for directly to CISD.

Closed Campus

CSHS and CHS are closed campuses and students may not leave campus during lunch.

Nurses Note

Welcome to CHS and CSHS! We’re so excited to start the school year! We do have some notes from Health Services, esp with the pandemic and our evolving guidelines. Some of our notes are a review of previous information from the district. Also, CHS has a new part-time nurse this year, Casey Guajardo, LVN.

1) We are trying to greatly reduce traffic in the clinic and not having parents in the clinic.

2) Athletes, please see trainer for hygiene and injury needs from your athletics block.

3) All students, please anticipate your hygiene needs, such as feminine products, chapstick, breath mints, etc.

4) Parents, please call or email nurse to make appointment to drop off medications. There will be a lockbox in foyer or front office for medication. Once you are on campus with medication, please ring bell, and a front office person will let you in to place your medication in lock box and lock it. As a reminder, no medications are to be carried by students on campus unless they have a MAR with doctor permission to carry inhaler, epipen, or diabetes supplies. MAR Form Click Here

5) It is recommended, if possible, all documentation such as immunization records, action plans or doctor’s orders be sent contact-free via email to your nurse.

6) This year we will not be able to do nebulizer treatments in clinic because they are aerosol producing. So, please send inhalers instead of nebulizer treatments.

7) Please send your students with water bottles for water during the day. Drinking fountains are turned off due to pandemic. There will be at least one bottle filling station at each campus.

8) If you do have a “yes” on your daily screening for covid symptoms, please keep student home and see if it is resolving or if they need to see a doctor before bringing your student to campus.

9) We ask everyone to wear masks on campus and to use hand sanitizer entering and exiting building and entering and exiting classrooms.

10) We ask to try to maintain social distancing of 6 feet apart as much as you can. If you have to be closer than 6 feet, masks are required. It is important to know- If you are within 6 feet of someone that ends up diagnosed with covid 19 for a cumulative of 15 minutes over the previous two days, you will be considered a close contact for 14 days and have to stay at home. Guidelines are always changing, but this is our latest directive.

11) Due to this being a time of high community spread, we are being required to send students home that present with any covid like symptom that we do not have previous notice of an existing health condition that could give a similar symptom. I know allergies are always bad in North Texas, so if your student has seasonal allergies, I would suggest starting your student on their allergy medicine now to try to get allergies under control before the school year starts. Signs and symptoms of covid that we are screening for include:

· Fever over 100F;

· sore throat;

· new uncontrolled cough that causes difficulty breathing, or in a person diagnosed with asthma or chronic allergies, a change in baseline;

· diarrhea;

· vomiting;

· abdominal pain;

· abnormal or absence of taste or smell;

· and new onset of severe headache;

· fatigue

· chills

· congestion or runny nose

· significant muscle pain or ache

· nausea

12) We ask students to bring backpacks to clinic when visiting clinic so they do not need to be retrieved from classroom in case student is going home.

13) We are asking that students be picked up from clinic within 15-30 minutes of call. Please make sure your primary number listed in Skyward is the number you would like us to call first. It may be helpful to save the school’s number in your phone, so you know it is the school when we are calling.

Please know that things are ever changing with the current pandemic, but we are so excited to start our school year and to have you with us, either virtual or face to face. We are so appreciative of our students, parents, and staff! Please reach out if we can assist you.

Thank You!

Melody Cooley, RN

Carroll High School Nurse


817-949-5610 phone

817-949-5656 fax

Karen Flexer, RN

Carroll Senior High School Nurse


817-949-5810 phone

817-949-5858 fax

Attendance Update

We appreciate the ongoing accommodations parents and students have made to make this school year happen! We have a simple improvement on how visitors enter our campus for front office business or picking up students.

1. Press the button by the front door to introduce yourself and state the purpose of your visit to CHS. Our secretaries will assist you after you’ve shown your ID in the camera above the button. Please lower your mask so we can identify you before we unlock the door.

2. Once inside, you may sign your student out at the attendance window and we will retrieve the student. Per the state, 9th grade parents/guardians must wait for their child and exit with them off campus.

3. If you’ve never had your ID scanned at a CISD campus, you’re required to do so in our front office.

In-School Students

Arriving Late

9th & 10th Grade. Students must enter classrooms by 8:00 am before the bell. All students must sign in at the attendance office if they arrive at 8:01 am or after to receive a pass. Late students must have a doctor's note, parent call or parent note letting attendance know that they are aware that their student was tardy. Students who arrive more than 20 minutes late will be considered absent for the entire period.

Early Dismissal

9th Grade. Parents/guardians of 9th graders must physically sign their student out at the attendance window for early dismissal. If someone other than a parent/guardian is picking up a student, that person must be listed on the family's emergency contact list located in Family Access. Parents/guardians must contact the attendance office if a person - not on their emergency contact list - is picking up their child. If this person has not had their ID scanned at a CISD campus, they’re required to do so in our front office.

10th Grade. As you know, many of our 10th graders drive. Therefore, with advanced written parent/guardian permission, the state allows them to sign-out for early dismissal. The note from parents must be dated/signed and dropped off at the attendance office first thing that morning or emailed (any time prior to 7:45am.) We will then provide the student with a pass to bring to the attendance office for sign out. If your 10th grader is returning that day, please remind them to sign back in at attendance – we want to ensure their record is updated accurately. Teachers will not accept texts or notes from the student – all dismissals must be arranged through attendance.

FYI, for our students’ safety, it is important that they sign in when arriving late or sign out when leaving early. Students who do not comply with this safety measure will be referred to the Assistant Principal’s office per the CHS Student & Parent Handbook. And student attendance records are always available for review under the “Student Info” tab in Family Access.

Virtual Students

Steps to Follow in Case of Absence

· A parent/guardian must call the CHS attendance office (817-949-5609) when their child will not be virtually participating for a day or longer duration. Emailing or calling about future absences is also accepted.

· When resuming classes after a medical appointment absence, the student should provide the attendance office with a sanctioned excuse from the doctor/dentist. Notes can also be emailed to Kathleen.Carrabine@Southlakecarroll.edu or faxed to 817-949-5656.

· Students/parents/guardians should refer to Canvas for information about homework, deadlines, tests, resources and teacher contact information. No future student work will be given prior to an absence.

How Attendance is Taken
There will be mandatory daily check-in for students who select virtual learning. Teachers will record attendance in Skyward. According to the Texas Education Agency, students earn daily attendance through engagement measures which include:

  • Daily progress for scheduled blocks via Canvas
  • Daily progress via teacher-student interactions during class
  • Completion or submission of assignments to your teacher via Canvas

Item Drop Off

There is a table at the front entrance of CHS where students can collect all items dropped off by parents. Please make sure any item dropped off is labeled with their name and your student knows to collect them. Please note that your student may not leave the building to collect items from your vehicle, these must be brought into the building and dropped off.

Operation #SAFEdragon

Operation #SAFEdragon

The goals of the #SAFEdragon program are to improve safety and security within Carroll ISD and promote emergency preparedness among students and staff. Remember when visiting our campuses to always enter through the main offices.

Students should never open the doors for anyone, not even friends. Be a #SAFEdragon!

Commuting Between Campuses

Students must commute between campuses (CHS/CSHS) via the district provided shuttle bus. The only exception is when a student begins or ends their day on a campus that is not their home campus, they may commute in their personal vehicle only for first or last block.

Transporting other students in their vehicles is prohibited.

Parking Permits

High school students parking on campus must purchase a Parking Permit online. Permit stickers will be available for pickup at CHS and CSHS with proof of payment, license, and insurance.

**Please note: 10th graders are the only CHS students allowed to drive to school and park on campus.

CHS Parking Violation

Remember that ONLY sophomores, juniors and seniors are allowed to drive/park at CHS and should be parking in the north band lot where ample space is provided.

Carroll High School will begin placing wheel locks on vehicles that are parked in unauthorized areas or vehicles that do not have a current CHS/CSHS parking permit. If a student is illegally parked for one or more of the following reasons they are subject to be booted, towed or both. Cost for removal of the booting device is $30.00.

Violations include:


· Parked in a HANDICAPPED space

· Parked in a FIRE LANE

· Blocking entrance to a building or driveway (fire department regulation)

· Parking in an unauthorized parking area (i.e. staff or visitor parking)

· Blocking access to a trash receptacle or dumpster

· Improperly parked

· Additional violations as warranted

If a student is booted they will find a neon orange sticker (sample above) affixed on the driver’s side window. Failure to pay will result in disciplinary action.

Please ensure that students parking on campus have a permit on their vehicle. This is the link to purchase a Parking Permit.

Please feel free to contact the Assistant Principal’s office at 817-949-5626 with any questions.

2020-2021 Bus Passes

Bus passes will be required to ride buses starting on Monday August 24th. There will be no grace period as in previous years.


Currently we are not offering After School Activity Passes.

PTO Membership Drive

The CHS/CSHS PTO membership drive is now open! Parents can join PTO via the Student Verification Link in Family Access or visit our website at www.southlakecarrollpto.com and click on the “Join Now” button.

Vaping Discipline Process

Students in possession of any vape component or caught vaping will be now be referred to the campus SRO for prosecution in addition to school discipline.

Vaping and its components are a violation of the Minor in Possession of Tobacco Statute, Texas Health and Safety Code - - HEALTH & SAFETY § 161.252. Possession, Purchase, Consumption, or Receipt of Cigarettes, E-Cigarettes, or Tobacco Products by Minors Prohibited

Virtual Board Game Club

Join the Board Game Club!

Enjoy a Nice Virtual Break After School by playing a variety of board games. We provide a relaxing atmosphere and a great community for those who need a breather in these hectic times. We meet from 3:45 to 5:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Feel free to drop by whenever you want to! Sign Up by going to our website:http://carrollboardgameclub.wix.com/contact

If you need any more information you can contact us at CarrollBoardGameClub@Gmail.com