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Notice and Note Signposts (Bookmark)

Journey To The Center of The Earth by Jules Verne


Harry and his uncle, Professor Hardwigg discover a mysterious piece of old parchment, and realize that it is a famous old scientist, telling them to travel to Iceland to travel to the center of the earth. Harry and Professor Hardwigg meet Hans in Iceland, and the trio descends into a volcano, Mt. Sneffles, into deep caves and tunnels through the earth, which lead down to an ocean. When they try to cross this ocean, they witness sea storms and fighting prehistoric dinosaurs. Then, the three go home.

Bookmark Points

Aha Moment

When I was first reading this book, I thought that the mysterious parchment had nothing to do with the title, going to the center of the earth. In chapter 3, Harry realized what the parchment said,

"Descend into the crater of Yocul of Sneffels,

which the shade of Scarteris carresses, before the

kalends of July, audacious traveler, and you will

reach the center of the earth. I did it.

-Arne Saknussemm"

This is an aha moment because I realized what the characters are going to do next, try to go to the center of the earth.

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Contrasts and Contradictions

When Harry realized what the parchment meant, I thought he would get exited and go tell Professor Hardwigg immediately, but he tried to throw it in the fireplace and burn it!

Tough Questions

Harry is doubting Professor Hardwigg. He is doubtful of survival in the center of the earth, and thinks that it is made of magma and lava, just like anyone else. He asks himself why he came along on this ridiculous journey into a crater of a volcano.

Words of the Wiser

Professor Hardwigg tells Harry, " 'Fear Nothing. We shall overcome these, and many more challenges... ' " He is telling him not to worry, and to continue on through difficult times.

Again and Again

Harry tends to say, "Help, help I'm dying!" in any bad situation, such as running out of water(page 99-107), and getting lost (page 132). I noticed that Harry said this most likely because he is scared, or has been scared this whole time.

Memory Moment

Harry and Professor Hardwigg journey ahead of Hans, and they find the initials A.S carved into a rock on the ground. These initals mean Arne Saknussemm. Arne was the one who left them the letter, and who wrote on the crater, and on the piller, earlier in the story. This reminded me and the characters that they were not the first ones to be here.

discussion group thoughts and ideas

We discussed the amount of scientific words that Jules Verne used, and all the extra words that he used. He used many old words too.