Biology Bulletin

Coach Lewis Biology December 2014

It's almost time for Christmas Break...

Which means it's also time for semester exams. Starting next week, December 17, the students will be taking their semester exams for the first semester. It's amazing to think that the first semester is almost done!

Just a few notes about the semester exams:

  • Students are not eligible to be exempt from exams this semester.
  • Semester exams are 14% of the final semester grade.
  • Semester exam schedule is listed below.
  • It will include Units 1: Science Safety, Unit 2: Ecology, Unit 3: Biochemistry, Unit 4: Cells, Unit 5: Photosynthesis/Cellular Respiration, Unit 6: Cell Cycle (Mitosis), Unit 7: Protein Synthesis
  • Reviews will be sent home this week and will be posted online, both on Google Classroom and my website.

Semester Final Exam Schedule

December 17

1st period EXAM: 8:20-9:40

2nd period EXAM: 9:46-11:06

3rd period: 11:12-11:50

4th period: 12:26-1:04

11:50-12:20 A Lunch


12:34-1:04 B Lunch

5th period: 1:10-1:48

6th period: 1:54-2:32

7th period: 2:38-3:16

8th period: 3:22-4:00

December 18- EARLY RELEASE!

3rd period EXAM: 8:20-9:40

4th period EXAM: 9:46-11:06

5th period EXAM: 11:42-1:02

11:06-11:36 A Lunch


12:32-1:02 B Lunch

December 19- EARLY RELEASE!

6th period EXAM: 8:20-9:40

7th period EXAM: 9:46-11:06

8th period EXAM: 11:42-1:02

11:06-11:36 A Lunch


12:32-1:02 B Lunch

Last two weeks before break...


Please help me to ensure that your students finish off strong. We are working hard together to make sure your teens get their homework in. I know they are getting to the point where they are ready for a break! We are all ready! Please help me to make sure they get everything in before the break. Once the semester ends, they will no longer be able to turn in work from this six weeks. I need you to keep on them!! Thank you for all of your help!!! :)