Mid-May Update

May 16-20


This week students will read Wilbur's Boast from Charlotte's Web. (Unit 6, Week 2) Students will focus on the skill of making judgments. Good readers use their own experiences and ideas to form an opinion or make a judgment about whether characters' actions are good or bad. They will support their ideas with details from the story. Students will use a Profundity Scale to help deepen their thinking and reach a higher level of understanding.

In writing, students are finishing their final piece on Opinion/Persuasive Writing. They are writing about their favorite holiday and supporting their opinion with three reasons why a particular holiday is the best. These final pieces will be displayed in the hallway by the end of the week.

Michigan History

We are finishing up learning about the early events and people that lived in Michigan. Each week students have take a statement about an event, flipped it into a question, and made a poster about the event/time period. These posters will be bound together into a mini-timeline beginning with the mammoths, mastodons, and Paleo-Indians and ending with automobile manufacturing. They should be coming home by the end of the month!

Important Dates

May 17 Popcorn Day

May 30 NO SCHOOL Memorial Day

June 7 Field Day (wear a purple shirt)

June 10 Last Day, Half Day Dismissal at 12:05