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February 18, 2013

Welcome Grizzly Families!

To finish the year off, I will be sending you weekly updates from room 202! These updates are in addition to the weekly Garfield School updates sent by Mrs. Lauer. If you do not receive Mrs. Lauer's updates, please let me know and I can help connect you. The focus of this newsletter will be to help keep you in the loop on what is happening here at Garfield, as well as give your resources that may be beneficial in guiding your 6th grader. Your feedback is helpful! If you have suggestions or topics you would like to receive information about! I am excited about this new endeavor and eager to hear your thoughts!

Working Together,
Mrs. Sheldrup

February's Events and Notes

2/21 Music Concert at 1:00pm in the gymnasium.
Students have been working hard and this concert promises to be a hit!
*If you would like to take your child home after the concert, be sure to come
up to room 202 to check in with me.

2/22 School Wide Celebration Assembly
We will gather together to recognize individual student PRIDE, as well as
classroom achievement and PRIDE. This month, our class will compete in a
cheer competition!! So far this year, our class has brought their spirit and I
have been very proud of their enthusiasm and conduct! Remind your child to
wear his/her black PRIDE t-shirt!

2/22 Science Fair Meeting
Student will receive last minute tips, as well as a schedule for the the 2013
science fair. Garfield participants DO NOT need tables and chairs.

2/25 Orchestra students travel to Franklin for a concert.
They leave at 8:15 and again at 12:15. We wish them the best!

2/26 2013 Garfield Science Fair
It is finally here! Drop off your child's project in the gymansium between
7:15-7:35. Public viewing is from 1:40-2:10. Project take down is at 2:10.
We cannot wait to learn what our classmates have discovered through their
scientific experiments!

2/28 February novel deadline. Your child's deadline to report on their February
Independent read is today! You can support your child's reading by scheduling a regular time in their day for their independent reading.

2/28 Skate Time Begins (PE)
Remind your child to hand in their permission forms asap!

2/28 West Side 6-12 Grade Band Concert- 7:00 West High School
Come check out the entire band program in one concert! Best of luck to our
6th grade beginners!!

This Week's Reading Focus: Author's Perspective

Author's Perspective is also known as the author's opinion or point of view. Through the next few weeks, we will focus on learning about the author who writes each selection we study. This is important because it helps us make inferences (reading between the lines) and draw conclusions (arrive at decisions) that are intended for us to understand by the author. Some times we rely only on our schema (set of experiences, opinions, and background knowledge), and that can lead us astray in our understanding of text. Understanding author's perspective also helps us recognize any biases the author portrays.

Guiding questions we will focus on:
What does the author mean when he/she writes ___?
How does the author let you know about …?
How does the author help readers BETTER understand how to…?
What is the author’s MOST LIKELY reason for ___?
With which statement would the author MOST LIKELY agree?
In order to show readers that ___, the author includes ___.
Why did the author include the section __?
The MOST LIKELY reason the author _____, was to…
The author says “___” to show that…
Why does the author ____?
What was the author’s purpose in _____ ?
What clues helped you determine the author’s purpose for…?
How did the author let the reader know his/her perspective on the topic?

*Questions cited from

I encourage you to choose a question and ask your child about the author's perspective of their current novel!!

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