Mikayla Smith

8th Grade

About Me

I'm pretty much a very simple person. I haven't done anything really amazing. I enjoy cosplaying, dressing up as anime, video game, or manga characters. I'm a 13 year old, who loves being alone in her room, watching anime.

I also love animals.

I own over 30!

I have 5 dogs, Lou Jack, Daisy May, Fancy Pants, Tina, and Princess,

I have 2 bearded dragons, Tangerine and Big Red.

I have two frogs with no names and about 30 birds also without names.

I want to be a psychiatrist with a passion, because I've been a victim of self-harm which has shown be how amazing a psychiatrist can be. I want to be a person to help other people having a rough patch in life and to show them that life is beautiful. I plan on doing many things in life. I believe that the rough patch did open my eyes to how important my life is. Seeing the beauty in life showed me that I should also show other people.

I'm A Fox

Which means:

  • I'm moderately concerned with my own goals and about my relationships with other people.
  • I seek a compromise.
  • I seek a solution to conflicts where both sides gain something.

So overall I'm concerned with my own goals, yet I do care about other people, just not as much as I am concerned with myself. I always seek for something where both sides gain something or lose something of equality.

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My Conflict Poem


Who is: weird,boring,sneaky,and unorganized.

Who loves: anime, manga, Rock bands

Who hates: Rap, Bananas, Bullying

Who's happy when: I’m eating, I’m alone, I’m sleeping

Who's sad when: I can’t do things I wanted to, I’m with a lot of people, A injustice happens

Who gets excited about: Cosplaying, Going to conventions

Who gets angry about: being labeled,Not having the right to speak my opinion

Who's feels safe when: I’m alone,I'm in my room

Who fears: Death, Losing people


Sixx A.M. --life is beautiful lyrics
Attack on Titan - OFFICIAL English Subtitled OP