The Bond Brief

March 28, 2013

The End of Marking Period 3

Three-fourths of the year is over! Can you believe it? We are in the final stretch, and you probably have realized that the concepts are getting more complex and expectations have been higher. We had a class meeting, and we talked about how your drive to learn, your attittude towards learning, and the effort you put into your learning are essential in finding success in learning. I hope that it will sink in, and they will showcase their personal best in self-regulation and effort as we approach the end of the year.

March is Reading Month

We finished March is Reading Month celebrating with our Read-In. Students enjoyed mixing up with students from Mrs. Hamlin's and Mrs. Bonkowski's classes, as well as participating in our first Blog Talk Radio Show! Click here to listen! Please remember to send back the Read Around Michigan forms for Mr. Hester. Also, there are still around 8 students each week that have to miss recess on Monday, as they routinely forget their book log. All 3 book reports should be turned in by now. The first one was a Nonfiction Book Report, the second was a Fiction Book Report, and the final was our Sandwich Book Report. I was VERY impressed with the quality work that was least from the covers of the sandwich book reports.

Highlights from the Week:

Here are some things our students wanted to share with you:

NB: We had our Read-In, and we had our PJ's on and read on blankets.

AM: On Wednesday we did a game called I Have, Who Has (in English and in Spanish) and then played Around the World to practice our multiplication facts.

CK: We shared our book reports today.

EB: Today we got to have our reward and bring in our own devices.

LS: We had our Science BA today.

EB: We enjoyed our call in show for the Blog Radio.

HY: Tomorrow will be the beginning of Spring Break.

JC: We improved with our behavior reward, as 16 students were able to join in the BYOD fun!

JB: State Reports still are lingering. If your child did not finish is homework for Spring Break. They will not be able to go out on recess until it is turned in.

Enjoy your Spring Break!