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Holiday Break

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Happiest of Holidays!!

I am going to miss my 21 sweethearts! Enjoy your time off!

A BIG Thank You !

I LOVE my book of student notes!! I will keep it in my home so I can pull it out and read it any time I want. I am still deciding on how to use my $100, but it's a decision I look forward to. THANK YOU to everyone who came and helped out at the party. I did not have to do anything! A special thanks to Chanda Dickerson for coordinating everything, along with many moms and dads who also helped out by leading a table rotation. I am SO THANKFUL for you ALL!!

Tuesday, January 6th

Students return to school on Tuesday, January 6th.
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A Peek at January 5-9

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I will be checking my email during the break. If you need anything, please let me know!