My school community

My Community facts

What my school community is like

At school we learn,but while we are learning we have fun. We do fun activities to help us learn,understand,and process information. There are many students to be friends with and talk with. Our school celebrates culture,and holidays.we learn in fun ways but also in organized day, we go to classes in order so the class doesn't get too hard or too easy. This is how our school is!

Our school

At our school we care,we are a anti-bullying school. We have fab crew (friends against bullying)to help get rid of bully's. We want everyone to be happy and kind. We have kind staff that wants the best for us. Our teachers push us to get a good education for the best.

Why this school is different

Our school is different because we do many fun activities and we have fun teachers. Our school learns in different ways and we do many projects that helps us learn. Some schools allows bully's but not at our school!
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