Fun way to write

What is Pages?

Pages is a writing page on the mac computer. You can do certain thing on it like, make a brochure, posters/formatting, opacity, rotating data, and shapes. You can write about anything you wont and you can switch your texts fonts, colors, and design.

Steps for making a brochure

  1. You get all the pictures you wont and put them either on ur desktop or iphoto
  2. Select brochures on your Pages
  3. Look for a brochure font that you like
  4. Double click the brochure you like
  5. Click on a text area and start typing
  6. click on you inspecter
  7. Then go to media
  8. And it should allow you to add your pictures. (but if not just drag them in your brochure)

Some Pictures of brochures and pages

Steps on making a poster/Formatiing

  1. Go on to the internet and get your pictures
  2. Go onto pages and go to poster outline
  3. Click on it and pick the poster you wont
  4. Then start working on your poster

By: Erika Rolenc!