What They Want In The Rainforest


What the Loggers Want

The Loggers have been here for a long time, maybe not as long as the other people but yet we have a purpose to be in the rainforest. We want to be able to cut down the tree's to help Brazils economy. When we cut down these tree's we make a lot more jobs for people who can't get other jobs.

Loggers are Important.

What The Loggers Need and why they cut down the trees.

When the Loggers cut down some if the trees, they send them to a factory building so that they can make some furniture and other jobs for people that can't get jobs. If they can't have those jobs for people then some of those other people can't be making money or their family. When we cut down those tree's there even helping you! Those trees go into toilet paper, paper, and all that stuff. That's why Loggers shouldn't get kicked out of the Rain Forest.