Nick Meier's Other Generic title

By: Nick Meier

Have you ever wondered what a sea chicken is?

Sea chickens have nothing to do with this I was just trying to get your attention but it worked didn't it. Manned exploration if space is when we send human beings to space to do research and stuff and things but usually they just play with water in zero gravity so i mean yeah I probably shouldn't say that, that's disproving my point pretend I never said that.



  • space debris wrecks ship and your lost in space with no contact with earth (pretty much the plot of the movie Gravity)
  • run out of oxygen
  • run out of food
  • space shuttle explodes
  • aliens vaporizing you

  • radiation and cosmic rays can poison an astronaut and not be noticed until he/she gets back to earth and causes a horrible epidemic
Crash landings:

  • spaceship can crash land into earth and cause a gigantic crater and many deaths
  • spaceship can crash land and low up the world


Manned exploation of space ahs given us new technology that was originaly made for space exploration then became comon items. it also will benefit us when we find a planet we can live on and do get blown up buy the sun.