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Weekly Memo for STAFF

Week of April 20-24: Stay healthy!

COVID-19: Be safe!

Please stay safe and healthy during this period of distance learning! Classified staff, please refer to the calendar Jen sent in regards to your working schedule.

The Governor closed schools for the remainder of the school year. If I receive information/updates from the District, I will share that information with you.

Breakfast and Lunch

Students will receive breakfast for the following day when they pick up lunches starting this week. This is exciting news! SES' cafeteria will be opening this week to prepare and pack lunches. Updates bus schedules are posted on Facebook and in the parent weekly memo.

NewsELA Access

Exciting news! NewsELA has opened up all of their resources for free to the teachers at SES. Paige, the representative there, offered to do a free webinar for us. If you are interested, there is a Zoom call Monday at 9:00 am.

Zoom call Monday at 9:00 am~~

Zoom Meetings for Instructional Staff

Grade-level meetings are Tuesday. Below is the schedule:

Specials/2nd Grade/5th Grade/ESE/PreK. 8:15-8:55

Kindergarten/1st Grade/3rd Grade/4th Grade 9:00-9:40

*You will receive a Zoom invite.

Book Club

Our next meeting is Tuesday, April 21 at 10 am via Zoom. An invite will be shared!


Our fundraiser items were delivered. We are inviting parents to pick them up in our bus circle from 8-12 on Tuesday.

Librarian Appreciation Day

Tuesday is Librarian Appreciation Day! Join me in thanking Mrs. Tedders for all she does!

Administrative Professional's Day

Please join me in thanking our amazing administrative professionals for all they do!


Participate & Send Pics If You'd Like!

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Parent Contact

Teachers, please read for a slight update on parent contact of those hard to reach families. You will continue reaching out on Mondays to your students.. If you do not hear back, please put the students' name on the concerns spreadsheet. You do not need to continue reaching out daily. Make the attempt Monday and if there is no return to you, that is all you can do. We will try an attempt also one time and that's it for the week. We will document as well.

Progress Reports

Progress reports will be "ready" Wednesday. Parents are directed to view grades on Skyward Family Access. Please update your grades by Wednesday. If a child is paper-based and they have not returned it yet, please just leave this blank. Otherwise, we will email you when packets are returned. to the school.

Student Progress Spreadsheet

Please follow the color coding system on the top of each page to highlight your students' information. This needs to be done by the end of Monday. Please reach out to your parents by the end of Tuesday if you didn't reach out to them with data Friday or over the weekend.


if you are trying to reach out to a parent that only speaks Spanish, you can email Josie or Mayra for assistance. They will get back to you as soon as they are able!


Please remember to email Jen your absent students every Friday. To consider counting a student as absent, there was no contact from the parent or student all week and zero work was complete.

Concerns Spreadsheet

It is an expectation to check this spreadsheet daily. You do not need to mark anything if you have nothing to share! We will consider no news is good news on our end and your end! Remember, we will print these Monday mornings and clear them out for the new week. If parent communication is not returned, don't worry about making contact the rest of the week. Focus on the children and parents wanting your attention.

Paper Packets: May

Now that school has been closed, we will prepare paper packets for the month of May for students. We will advertise these next week.


You can order a yearbook here by April 30:

Yearbook Pictures

Instructional Assignments

The District is re-evaluating allocations on Tuesday. Because of this, we will delay meeting to discuss assignments until the end of this week or early next week.

Kindergarten Registration

The District is working with IT on an online registration form. Several scenarios for registration were discussed but none confirmed. Stay tuned and I will give you information as soon as I receive it.


The District has not changed student progression in that we can continue to retain students as long as parents are contacted. Please be thinking about which of your students may need to truly be retained for next year. We will discuss this in early May.

3rd grade teachers, there still has not been information shared on promotion requirements, if any, for our 3rd grade students.

AR Weekly Goal

I am working with Renaissance Learning to change our standard dates so that weekly goals can be shown (for the flower) if you are interested. Stay tuned!

Questions and Concerns?!

Please feel free to reach out to me! There has been a lot of information shared and this can be overwhelming. Let me know if you need anything or have questions!

Barry University

Please see the flyer below. The registration link does not work; you can use the email address for more information.
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PD Opportunity

HMH Virtual Summits - Literacy: May 13th and Math: May 14th

Prior to the COVID-19 crisis HMH had planned statewide face-to-face Literacy and Math summits in June. Due to the current situation, these summits will now be held virtually and take place on May 13th and 14th. Although we will not be meeting in person, educators can continue with their own professional growth plan from the comfort of their home office, and with flexible pathways that will allow them to select personalized summit sessions to meet their needs. We are very excited that we can share this experience at no charge with all our Florida teachers!

Who can attend?

Sessions have been designed for all levels of K-12 educators in mind - from teachers to district


What can I expect in the sessions?

There will be eight math summit sessions and seven literacy summit sessions to choose from.

Options will include both featured speaker sessions and instructional breakout sessions. To allow for a variety of schedules and commitments, flexible pathways will allow participants to choose sessions that best accommodate their responsibilities with virtual instruction and at-home facilitation.

Professional Learning Points Eligibility

Participants will be able to receive professional learning points for attendance and completion of summit sessions. A minimum of three sessions must be completed to qualify for a Professional Learning Certificate. Participants should follow the expectation of their district professional learning requirement. Recordings will only be available to participants who stay for the entirety of the session.

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We are in this transition to online learning together! :)

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