Having a tanned body is stylish and chic. Both men and women spend lots of money and time to get tanned naturally or with a little help from science. Among the men, skin tanning is more common in men who are into body building. Apparently, a tanned skin is considered more masculine than a pale skin type. People who are sensitive to the sun and the ultra violet radiation also opt for artificial method of skin tanning.

Melanotan2 is a popular choice for skin tanning product available. Melanotan2 peptide helps to get a beautiful tanned skin without long hours of exposure to the sun and is especially beneficial for those who are sensitive to the sun and the UV radiation, and also reduce skin cancer as it protects your skin from UV damages. However, it is not a preventive measure to skin cancer. Melanotan2 helps to stimulate the production of melanin in your body which is a hormone that darkens the skin and protect you from UV radiation.

Mt2 is a good way of getting tanned skin without going through the sun burnt and the UV radiation. However, it is not without side effects. Melanotan2 causes, other than skin pigmentation, nausea, loss of appetite, slight headache and facial flushing which will be felt right after administrating the first dose.

Melanotan2 also increases the libido and sexual arousal. In men, it is common to feel the blood flowing to the penis frequently. Therefore, it is advisable to increase the dosage as per the individual tolerance level.

Other side effects may include lethargy, itchiness, dizziness, occurrence of new mole or freckles, white patches etc. The occurrence of these side effects will reduce as the tolerance to the peptide increases with each dose. However, the side effect of sexual arousal may not decrease over time and occurrence of this side effect will remain throughout the use of Melanotan2.

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