Cake helps increase your health

chocolate or vanilla

Studies have shown that chocolate cake is good for your memory and health while vanilla cake is just tasty. The sales of chocolate cake have since increased after the results of the studies were released.


The prices of cake have increased while the prices of cookies and ice cream have decreased. more people are starting to buy cookies and ice cream than cake
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local government requires local businesses to increase pay for minimum wage part time workers. the more money people have the more you can buy. Cake sales are out the wazoo!

new resorts to be added in Friendswood

with the new resorts and attractions being added to our used to be little boring Friendswood we are expected to become a tourist town. More people in Friendswood is great business! Cake sales are Booming!

Flour Scarcity

Many grain farms are experiencing a crop eating infestation of moles. Due to the Scarcity of grains to make flour cake prices have risen. The farmers are expecting to resolve the issue within the next week. With cake prices expected to return to normal the sale of cakes currently are going through an all time low.