Brock Mahaffy

Nature of work

  • What duties and tasks do you perform?

-To make sure that no one damages the environment or harms wildlife.
-To enforce hunting and fishing laws and regulations.
-To make sure that hunters and fishers know the regulations , and that they obey them.
-I will also have to investigate complaints and hunting accidents.
-Another task and or duty of my job is to see if hunting and fishing are valid.

  • Where do you work? What conditions?

-I work indoors and outdoors.

-My office can be a tent.

-Some places I won't have an office.

-I mostly work outdoors and sometimes in urban neighborhoods.

-I will spend most of my time outdoors in all kinds of weather.

-Most conservation officers live in rural areas, and in some cases, very remote areas.

-For short periods, I may have to live in tents and cook by campfire.

Abilities needed

  • To be committed to wildlife and the environment.
  • Communication skills
  • able to work independently
  • phycal fit

schools I can attend for this profession / education need

  • college
  • 2-4 years in college

School subjects that are important

  • english
  • math
  • biology
  • chemistry
  • earth and environmental science
  • economics
  • geography
  • law and government
  • health and physical education

the best and worst parts of my job

  • I get to protect wildlife
  • I get to be outdoors
  • worst patr
  • dealing with poachers
  • having to deal with hunting accidents

my values that match this creer

  • working outdoors
  • training or teaching
  • improving or managing the environment

this job pays

  • between $31,000 to $81,000 a year
  • if I am at the highest rank i will earn $85,000 a year
  • average yearly pay is $50,000 per year

How much I will earn in Michigan

  • between $31,000 to $81,000 a year