Best book ever written

by Sascha


The newest and now most populair book of the moment is called Divergent. It's a new book of Veronica Roth. She sais ''this is one of my favourite books myself, I think that it's a Original and good story''. There are over a million books made and sold.

But what do the people who read the book ectually think of it? Maud Hermans, 14 jears, lives in the Netherlands. She loves books and read a lot ofcourse. She was interviewt about the book.

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The Interview

when Iasked her about the main character of the book she glimmped, and said "I love the mail character!". I asked her to tell more about him, "he is a very mysterious guy, blonde hair, not very tall and he has a very intresting life. I asked her about the story and she literary told the whole book to me. when I asked her about her favourite part of the book, she could tell me many, but the one she likes most was the moment when he met a girl and lived happily ever after. She told me there was a romantic side and an exiting and dangerous side of the story. the last question was why everyone should read it. She said''everyone can read it, it is a beautifull story and there definitely comes a part 2!".