Seguin ISD Professional Learning

September 2019 Opportunities

Professional Learning...Not Just a Summer Fling!

Learning happens anytime we reflect on something we have experienced. That experience could be a formal professional learning workshop we have taken part in, a quote we heard or read, a video we watched, or book we read.

At Seguin ISD, we strive to provide professional learning experiences that meet the needs of our staff and support student achievement. Each month, we will provide a newsletter highlighting professional learning opportunities that may help you meet YOUR learning goals. See the information and links below for September's options. Happy learning!

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Breathe For Change: Mindfulness, Yoga, and Self-care

Seguin ISD has two of our own certified in a national program for mind-body and social-emotional training whose mission is to "foster individual and collective well-being for all humankind." Megan Holmes from A.J. Briesemeister MS and Jackie Silvius from Seguin High School will hold monthly workshops focused on helping district staff learn mindfulness and yoga techniques for self-care. All sessions will be held in the Seguin High School Library. Sign up in Eduphoria for the sessions listed below:

  • September 24: Mindfulness & Self-care at 4:30 pm *
  • October 8: Mindfulness & Self-care at 4:30 pm
  • October 22: Guided Yoga at 4:30 pm (please bring your own mat)

* Mindfulness & Self-care workshops will focus on a different topic and activity each month.

Improving Literacy Through Writing

This workshop is designed for those teaching in grades 3-7 and is a year long commitment. Meetings will be held once a month and begin September 12th. See the course description in Eduphoria for more information.

Bilingual & Dual Language

Information and resources for bilingual and dual language teachers provided by Ms. Jaramillo, Assistant Director of Elementary & Multilingual Education.

Eduhero Spotlight Course: Classroom Conflict

This Eduhero course helps participants learn how to deal with different types of conflict in the classroom.

Experience Dyslexia Night (SISD Staff & Admin)

Thursday, Sep. 26th, 5:30-7:30pm

1221 East Kingsbury Street

Seguin, TX

This training event is designed to give attendees a true dyslexia experience. Through interactive stations, participants will feel and experience the challenges and frustrations that students with dyslexia encounter daily. At the conclusion of the training, a question and answer session will be held with Seguin ISD dyslexia teachers to discuss the exercise. Register in Eduphoria for this event.