Eternal Rest Funeral Home

you can depend on us in your time of need.

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We offer a wide variety of choices and servies to suit every need.

we specialize in personalizing ceremonies as well as cremations. we offer contemporary services, evening ceremonies, gravesite ceremonies, traditional and immediate burials. Memorial services are the most popular. "This service is simultaneously the easiest and the hardest part of any funeral. This is a way for the community of friends and loved ones to join in a celebration of the deceased person’s life (Ropchan)."We also offer cremation services. we offer special services for veterans. we can provide military honors for veterans. we also carry many different types of caskets and urns for everyone's right selection.


we personalize every service according to individual and family wishes. "Through personalization, funeral services can be more meaningful (Trends in funeral service)." we offer the ability to make your own memorial collages and videos. One can chose their own personalized music, dress and reading from their religions sacred book. we cater to every religions and have special officiates for specific religions.

Additional Services

we also offer many additions services. we can find a burial plot placement for your loved one. we also carry many selections of head stones of one's burial site. we also provide many financial services for those in need. we provide financial services like payment plans, cash benefits for veterans, and no cost burial and cremation options. we also offer pre-planning services for cremations and burials.

More information

For more information on services we offer and trends associated with cremations and burials see the following websites