2nd Hand News

September 28-October 2

2nd graders kicked off October by practicing "October" as a spelling word. In math, they have been creating and analyzing 100s boards, seeing patterns, counting by different intervals, and making their own math problems. Schoolhouse Rock made an appearance for counting by 3.

In reading, 2nd graders retold what a character might need to go on a fantastical trip and predicted why those items might be necessary. They paid attention to detail, found and chose juicy words, summarized a chapter, and showed stamina while reading self-selected books.

During science they learned about different kinds of forests and discussed weather events and their impacts on trees (the rare instance when a hurricane forecast comes in handy).

We enjoyed an assembly with a former BFS student that plays the Swedish nyckelharpa and learned a new song. Ask your student about it!


  • Lunch heat ups are Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Please send non-metal containers for heat ups and any daily utensils that your child needs. Thank you!
  • The weather is becoming brisker. Please send your student in with appropriate outdoor recess gear.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Nyce