NCAA Bracket Pool to Help End Breast Cancer


You are receiving this email because you have entered in the Hoopin' for Hope bracket pool to help end Breast Cancer, and for that I THANK YOU!

Now you need to fill in your bracket! The games start tomorrow so all brackets must be completed TONIGHT!

Filling Out Your Bracket

1. Enter our group page for the tournament by clicking on the link below:


2. If you already have a CBSsports ID you will be asked to sign in. If you do not, you will need to register by clicking "Register Now"

3. Next, you will be prompted for the group password.

*Here you need to enter our password: 3dayphilly

4. Now you are ready to add your bracket, Click "Add a Bracket"

5. Your empty bracket will appear.

*You can fill it in yourself by clicking on the team you want to win the round, or select the AUTO-FILL button at the top to have CBS sports fill the bracket for you.

6. After the bracket has been filled, choose a Final Score Tiebreaker and Save!


I am asking for a $10.00 donation in order to participate in this event. Proceeds will be donated to my Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk for a Cure. You can pay in cash, mail me a check (email me for information) or pay online via PayPal HERE.

2013 Susan G. Komen 3 Day: Philadelphia

[ I WILL walk for 3 days. ]

[ I WILL cover 60 miles. ]

[ I WILL save lives. ]

Will you support me?