IES Literacy Workshops


Hope you will join us!

The IES team has been hard at work collaborating around the best workshops to offer you this winter/spring 2014! Please consider joining us for one (or more:) of the following Literacy workshops designed/appropriate for Grades K-2....

CKLA Pre K - A Deeper Look

Wednesday, Jan. 22nd, 8:30am

Wheelock, 75 Chestnut Street, Fredonia, NY

NYSED has provided Curriculum Units for districts to adopt/adapt in order to implement the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) in ELA. This workshop will provide PreK teachers, who have already begun implementation of the units, an opportunity to take a deeper look at the organization of the units, preview the newest materials posted on engageny, and discuss instructional strategies and scheduling considerations.

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Using CKLA With Tiered Intervention

Monday, Feb. 10th, 8:30am

Wheelock, 75 Chestnut Street, Fredonia, NY

The CKLA Assessment & Remediation Guide and Supplemental Guides have been provided on Engageny to support teachers in assisting students meeting the Common Core Learning Standards and can be included in a Tiered Intervention (RTI) Framework. Together we will examine the components for assessment and instruction provided at each level and participants will have time to consider and plan for implementation.

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The GRAIR Strand for K-2

Wednesday, Feb. 26th, 8:30am

Wheelock, 75 Chestnut Street, Fredonia, NY

Guided Reading/Accountable Independent Reading (GRAIR) is the 3rd Strand suggested on Engageny to round-out the comprehensive CKLA K-2 Program. While there are not materials offered on Engage for this Strand, there are many resources available that can help you structure this time to best meet the needs of each of your students. Join us to investigate tools and resources, and review different ideas for the structuring of this Strand.

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Collaborative Technology for ELA

Thursday, March 13th, 8:30am

Wheelock, 75 Chestnut Street, Fredonia NY

Several tools are available online which can be utilized to enhance instruction in ELA as well as other subject areas. These tools are best for enhancing collaboration between teachers and service providers with instructional planning & gathering of data, communicating with parents and gathering evidence of student learning. Google tools, Livescribe Pens, Evernote, Class Dojo (just to name a few) will be examined, and time will be provided for participants to practice and plan for use of these tools. Participants should bring a laptop (and ipad if possible) to set up for use with applications.

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K-2 Assessment Literacy

Wednesday, March 19th, 8:30am

Wheelock, 75 Chestnut Street, Fredonia, NY

In order to glean the most useful information from existing standards-based assessment at the K-2 levels, it is essential to consider the developmental continuum, understand the importance of a standards-based item map, current models of learning progressions, data metrics, and question/test design.

· Introduce the fundamentals assessment literacy
· Promoting data-driven instruction for K-2
· Sharpen your ability to appropriately identify and design K-2 assessments

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