Woodlake Hills Wildcat Band

November 03

Notes from the Director

Hello Wildcat Parents/Guardians.


  • Our new Band Polos are in. Students may bring $15 cash to Mr. Rodriguez and they will receive a receipt to take back to you.

  • We are now accepting the first $30 payment for students using a school owned instrument. Payments can be made on my school bucks or your student can bring cash to Mr. Rodriguez.

  • Students have been given handbook, travel, and emergency contact forms which need to be returned by ASAP. This is for a grade and students may still receive credit for turning them in.

  • We started our fundraiser last Thursday. The money we raise will cover the cost of supplies for our students, pay clinicians, and help purchase concert uniforms for our students. Please continue to share the link.


As always, it is Woodlake Hills and my main goal to provide the students with a wonderful experience. This year we are on a mission to create a Band culture that is a great influence into the Woodlake Hills community. Please reach out to me at any time by email if there are any questions.

WHMS Band Polo

Upcoming Events

Advanced Bands Winter Concert

Date: December 6th

Time: 6 p.m.

Location: WHMS Cafeteria

Attire: Band Polo, blue jeans, closed toe shoes

Big picture

Does your student need more supplies?

We are doing our best to keep all the students caught up with their supplies for band. But if you would like to help keep them caught up here are some links to purchase supplies for their instrument and what is required for the ensemble.


Gem Flute Swab


Gem Clarinet Swab

Symphonic Band Size 3 Reeds

Honors Band Size 3 1/2 Reeds


Saxophone Swab

Saxophone Size 3 Reeds

Trumpet, Horn, Euphonium and Tuba

Al Cass Valve Oil

Schilke Tuning Slide Grease

Please only purchase the suggested supplies. These brands are well known and are best for keeping the students instrument in great condition.

Our Mission

It is our goal that through music we can teach your son/daughter valuable life skills that will prove useful as they prepare to enter and graduate from high school. By partnering together in the education of your son or daughter, we can ensure that they are prepared to successfully pursue post secondary education at a four-year university, prepare to enlist in the United States Military, and/or are equipped to enter the workforce. Band will give them options to ensure that they are successful in whatever avenue they choose to pursue.

Together we can achieve “Greatness”; it is our duty as a staff to work hard to ensure that you, as students and parents have everything you need to be successful. As you make a Commitment to the Wildcat Band, know that we are making a Commitment to you as a student. Together we will ensure that every student in our program has all opportunities to be successful.

Remember, you can think it, you can dream it, you can want it but are you “willing” it? If you “Will” it, you “Will” get it. Where there is a “Will” there's a way. Give your best and you “Will” achieve your best!

Contact Us

Nicholas Rodriguez

Director of Bands