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Monday January 11th 2016

Principal's Message

It was great to see everyone back last week! Thank you for your hard work and active participation during inservice Monday and Tuesday. As we start our spring semester please consider the following.

Review the new expectations for Student Discipline and Hall Monitoring sent out this weekend and work to hold yourself and your students accountable to these expectations this semester.

As you prepare for Parent Conferences this Tuesday please review the following resources to help you ensure a meaningful and productive dialogue with each parent.

Parent Conference Information

Sample Parent Conference Agenda

To ensure that all parents have an opportunity to speak with you please pre-plan the agenda items you will discuss and have data and resources available to support the discussion. Plan to discuss information with each parent for approximatly 10 minuets. The main focus of dialogue at this time should be on student achievement as it relates to upcoming STAAR assessments and the status of active RtI and tutoring plans for students.

A Quick Note About Absences

Whenever you are absence you must complete the three following steps:

  1. Put your absence in AESOP.
  2. Email Mrs. Lisa Smith at
  3. Email your immediate supervisor.

The sooner you report your absence the better, as subs are in high demand.


Amelia Johnson (Cool J Johnson)

Alex Mccoy (The Real Mccoy)

Derrick Wesley (D Wes)

CIC's want to celebrate you! Coaches Corner will highlight teachers implementing best teaching practices. We will also share instructional resources that we hope you will find valuable and are intended to increase student engagement and achievement.

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--Stockard Showcase--

January 5th Teambuilding Activity

Stockard Teambuilding Team with the Tallest Tower!

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Upcoming Events:

Tuesday January 11th
- Parent Conference Night 4:30pm - 7:30pm
- In-and-Out Food Truck 4:00pm - 5:00pm