Internet Safety

Be careful online!

Explanation about internet safety

Explanation paragraph: Internet safety is a big deal. Some people have been stalked. Others have been paranoid of something happening to them because they gave away personal information. The same thing happens to people who chat online. Many people act like they are young but sometimes they are twice as old as people that they meet and fool younger kids to get information.

  1. First, if you make an account for anything, don’t give away private information.
  2. Private information is like your phone number, email or your address.
  3. You can give private info to your family and only your friends that you trust.
  4. Be careful on chat rooms because people that are twice or even three times older than you can fool you and act like your friend and get your information.
  5. If you do give someone your private information to someone, they can stalk you where ever you go.
  6. If you see a person stalking you for a while find a trusted adult or call the police.

Always remember to be smart online!