District Wellness Program

Helping to promote a healthy lifestyle for SPS students

This program is trying to help...

-decline childhood obesity
-teach students lifelong healthy habits
-promote overall student health

New and Improved Diet Guidlines

The program requires school food to be much healthier, and follow strict guidelines with limits on certain types of food. Many snacks that were there before the program initiated had to be removed because they did not live up to the diet standards.
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Breakfast and Lunch Meet USDA Guidelines for Nutrition Standards.

School kitchens are kept cleaner.

The kitchens where the school food is made are inspected 2 to 3 times a year. This ensures that SPS students' food is kept is clean places.
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Improvements in Education

Education on maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also being taught more regularly in the classroom. The information is appropriate for each grade level.

Physical Changes

At least 75% of P.E. class needs to be filled with exercise instead of sitting.
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