Tribute To My Heros

Jack Liepert


Imagine moving to the big city of Chicago, with no money and no job. You have to move in with four other roommates in a tiny apartment and sleep on a lumpy couch for two weeks. But, you remember that you don't even have enough money to pay your share of the rent, so you take the first low wage job you can get: sitting at a cash register in a store. But through perseverance, you move up the ranks of jobs, and after six months, you are making good enough money to have a happy life and live in your own apartment in the city for a few years. This is how it went for Tracy Liepert, my mom. She is my hero because she always perseveres and tries her best in every situation, even if the problem seems unsolvable.
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A Real Hero

According to Webster Dictionary, the definition of a hero is “A person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities.” Usually when you think of a hero, you think of someone who flies around with a cape, and saves kids from running into the road. When I think of a hero, I see Superman and Batman fighting Lex Luthor and the Joker. This may be true in the movies, but not in real life. A hero is someone who puts others in front of themselves and helps them accomplish their goals. They focus on the people around them, not themselves.

Imagine a father who spends his time practicing baseball with his son after school. Or your parents buying a house for you to comfortably live. Have you ever thought of how much effort goes into these things? When this person goes through the effort to make you happy, it shows that they care. That neighbor, friend, or family member does what’s best for you and wants you to succeed.

A hero is someone who helps others accomplish their goals. A father’s son just tried out for the travel baseball team, and he didn’t make it. The boy thought that he practiced so hard, and should have made it over some of the other players. He comes home with his head hanging low, drops his baseball bag in the laundry room, and stumbles to his room. But then his father comes in. He encourages him to practice for next year. Even though the kid is not confident, he practices with his dad every day after school. And the next year, he makes the team and the practice paid off. All in all, the dad was a hero because he helped his son accomplish his goal, even though it took up his own time.

A hero is someone who makes sure that you are happy, no matter the consequences for them. My personal hero is my mom because she always does what is best for me. She puts the needs of my brother and I before hers, even if it means running around all day. She listens to me when I explain my problems and offers advice to fix them. A hero isn’t always someone who can fly, or has super strength, but someone who focuses on other people’s goals. Whether your hero is that father who helped you make the baseball team, or the mom who drives you where you need to be, they focus on the needs of others.

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This project is about the history of television. When my mom, (Tracy) finally gets the chance to sit down at the end of the day, she loves to catch up on her favorite shows. I am also very interested in the evolution of technology and how far we have come.

Ode To Tracy

Grew up as Tracy Stoll,

and she was a nice person,

so for Christmas, she never found coal,

Tracy worked a lot and had to care for herself

and cleaned the house, even the top shelf,

then she went to Iowa College,

and studied up, gaining all that knowledge.

Next, she met a guy named Matt

he seemed like the perfect man.

That was that.

So they had two boys,

and moved to Connecticut,

then to Illinois.

Tracy continued to take care of the three guys,

and every day, continued to advise.

She then started her passion of redecorating homes

but Tracy is only 51,

so I haven't yet finished this poem...

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<> this website gave me a couple useful favts about some of the TVs.

<> this is the website that I used for most of the research and pictures. It gave a lot of helpful information and was easy to follow

<> this website provided some facts that I needed about some of the TVs.