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March 4, 2020

Upcoming Important Dates:

  • March 6th is the final day to turn in voluntary transfer request to have consideration before non-district employees. Although there will not be many, a few voluntary transfers will happen.
  • If you are returning from a leave of absence you must notify the district by March 6th.
  • Intent to improve forms need to be turned into HR by April 11.
  • On-line voting for Redwood Region NEA-RA representatives needs to be completed by March 13th. If you did not recieve the email from please let Gayle know and she will have them send you a link.
  • NVEA Representative to CTA State Council nominations are currently open. If you are interested in running for this office, please let us know by March 20th. Your Site Rep has more information.
  • NVEA Social at Napa Sport on March 20th.

RIF Information

The employee list has been sorted by credentials and is currently being looked at for skipping and tie-breaker criteria so HR can make a final determination of which employees need to be noticed. The goal is to have an email to go out this Friday with a tentative cut-off year per credential area that will be noticed. (For example: all Italian credentials hired after 8/8/2017) Please remember that the district is over notifying employees because schedules for next year are not completed at the secondary sites. Actual numbers of lay offs will be closer to 60 and even less if there are retirements and resignations.

There is a meeting with all NVEA members who have received a notice on March 19th in the Board Room at the District Office. CTA Attorneys will be there to check paperwork and prepare those members for a hearing with the district and an administrative judge.

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Newsletter Link

Please sign up for Napa Valley EA News with your home email address on our website at NVEA.ORG.

Corona Virus Precautions

There is a lot of information that is being shared about Covid -19 Corona Virus. Please be sure to read the emails coming from NVUSD on the procedures that they are implementing. They are working with the Napa County Office of Emergency Services and the Napa County Health Department.

Here is a link to NEA's information.

NVEA/NVUSD Committee Work

Have you had the time to check out our NVEA/NVUSD Council Committee Matrix? This document has current information about Council Committees and where they are in the IBPS process.

Talking Points

  • We discussed staffing allocation changes impacting HMS, ACHS, New Tech and Valley Oak. There has been communication and engagement with staff and parents to support the sites with these transitions.

  • A proposed MOU was approved to clarify the current practices around Stipends for Learning Leaders at Middle School.

  • Guidelines for adjunct duties were presented to the council. One item requires further research. It will be revisited at the next meeting.

  • Suggestions for improvement of next year’s implementation of the CPGP were discussed as well as support for finishing year one.

  • A follow-up communication to the Resolution to Reduce Particular Kinds of Service will be sent out to members prior to the distribution of March 15th notices.

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