Peyton Manning: A Football Life

Made by Dashaud Munson

Peyton Manning Made by Dashaud Munson

Peyton Manning...A man who broke many records...lets tell his story. He was drafted as a first pick in the 1998 draft.

He was soon injured as a Colt and was out for a whole season

Though he is old now he suprised people when he was young and had high expectations to now when we think its going to be his last year. He has played on two teams, The Indianapolis Colts and The Denver Broncos which is where he is now.

The Colts released Peyton and the Brocos picked him up, he has been there ever since

He has made most of his progress on the Broncos but has his one superbowl ring won as a Colt. He has made it into two superbowls.

Peyton Manning is one of the Best QB's in the league and their is no doubt in my mind he will become a legend.

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